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Am I horrible for this?

My thank you notes are STILL not in the mail!  I have most of them done. Just about 15-20 left.  Between the family stuff with my Grandfather's passing, moving, getting back to school and working again.  OMG.  10-20 a week it seems.  My new goal is to have them done and mailed by the end of next week.

 How many of you are with me?  Is this bad or am I ok?

Re: Am I horrible for this?

  • I have been extremely lazy about Thank you cards. I finally ordered them and they came in last week, but I haven't realy written out any of them. I dk why I have no motivation...probably bc I'm so done with anything wedding lol  

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  • I ordered our TYs 4 days ago, the day after I finally got the DVD of pics from my photog.  They have already shipped from Vistaprint.  I'm planning to do them as soon as they get in, but because I have time on my hands right now and want to get them out of the way in case {fingers crossed}, I get called back to work.  Otherwise, I will notoriously procrastinate! 


    I think it's definitively, okay.   Also, given your situation people should more than understand. 

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  • Thank you ladies!  I feel much better now.  I had at least ordered all of my thankyou's before the wedding :)
  • I have not written any of mine either... I think people will understand your circumstances.  They will just be happy to hear from you when  they do get your card. 
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  • I think that after everything you've been through the past few weeks, people will understand.
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  • I am having a hard time finishing them too.  Work stuff got screwed up after I got back from the wedding, and I'm a bit of a procrastinator, so they just aren't done.  I've sent out plenty, but there are still more.  (Mostly because H said he'd write the ones for his side, but he hasn't written any, so I've just started doing them and leaving him a place at the bottom). 

    So I think you're fine :)  Or at least you're helping me not feel so bad!

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  • Yeah, mine aren't out, either.  People have been asking my mother apparently, since about 10 of ours were mailed and the rest are not.  We've still got about 10 left to write, but we mailed out ones to people we knew would say something about it if we didn't get thank yous out ASAP.  It took a while for our pro pics to come in, and since we wanted pics on our cards, it took about 4 weeks after our wedding for our cards to come in the mail.  Our goal is to get them our by the end of the week, too.  I think that as long as the cards get to people, they don't really get to uptight about if they're a little later than expected.
  • I waited until I got my pro pics and made a photo card to send.  I am supposed to get them in the mail this week, which means they probably won't be out for another couple of weeks...

    I'm ok with this, people will understand!  And if they don't, I honestly don't care!  Everyone had a great night and I was so good with thank-you cards for showers and gifts beforehand.   

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