December 2007 Weddings
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I saw below that you mentioned your DH is turning 30 in Dec. - Mine is too!  Are you guys planning anything for it?

I have been trying to get DH to tell me something he wants to do so we can plan it, giving him tons of ideas, and even telling him he should do something with the guys only and nothing :(  I dont know what to do for him, and he hates surprises. 

Re: Jess

  • I have to be super careful about what I plan b/c I turn 30 in March and John is REALLY good at getting me back and at planning surprises for me.

    He doesn't want a party and keeps saying he doesn't want to do anything at all.  It's hard b/c his bday is 2 weeks before Christmas, so it's hard to get a group together to go out.  We will probably do dinner and drinks with some friends, or we may wait and have ppl over to watch the Illini-Mizzou basketball game which is a week later.

    I'll keep asking him what he wants to do until Thanksgiving, then if he doesn't tell me, I won't plan much.

    As far as a gift, I have no idea.  A lot of it depends on our money at the time.  He wants new umpire clothes and equipment, so he will probably get that.

  • OMG, I turn 30 in March too- crazy!!!

    The only problem with DH's birthday is its 3 days before Christmas- so people are super busy.  Its going to be hard to plan anything-if that what he wants.  I would love to send him out to a nice steakhouse with the guys, but would I need to pay for everyone you think?

    I have no clue what Im getting him for his birthday.  I usually get him new basketball stuff but he's not playing bc of his knee.

    Men are so difficult!!! 

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