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Daily Eating/Workout

B- I had 2 slices of healthy white toast

L- I had a sandwhich with a little bit of peanut butter and jelly with some pretzels

S- String cheese and an apple

D- less than a 1/4 cup pulled pork and a little bit of corn. I also had one forkful of macaroni and cheeseYes

Workout- Nothing Sad I might see if DH wants to Wii box for a bit until Grey's Anatomy comes on, but I was preoccupied with the news keeping an eye on the weather and before I knew it we were doing bathtime and bedtime. I'm only supposed to do the bootcamp 4-5 days a week so i'm taking today as my break

I did however manage to only drink one small glass of SunnyD for breakfast and the rest of the day I only had water! I'll mark that as a win!!

Re: Daily Eating/Workout

  • B--Egg whites, turkey bacon

    L--skipped :(

    D--Lemon garlic chicken, green beans, garlic toast

    Workout--Wii fit hula hoop

    All of that looks good except I am drinking a beer right now.   

  • B- Non fat vanilla latte and mini frosted donuts. Stupid gas station was out of my muscle milk

    S- Another non fat vanilla latte, it was that kinda day

    L - Hooters. Wings and fries. It was my going away party.

    D- Sushi. 

    E- Ran with one of my Soldiers for her PT test. 

  • B- Waffle ( i know not very healthy with syrup but it was a breakfast date with H)

    L- Turkey and cheese sandwich with mayo and jalopenos

    D- hamburgers and egg salad

    E- did 30  day shred

  • B- Fiber One bar and a Sugar Free Red Bull

    L- One of those microwave steamer things with potatoes, snap peas and red peppers

    S- Baked Lays chips

    D- Grilled Chicken with rice and broccoli and a glass of white whine

    E- Nothing, I am pretty sure I broke my toe today (or at least sprained it pretty bad) so I have been sitting on my butt icing it all night.

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