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Library Sale Loot

I went and checked out the local library's sale on my lunch hour and ended up with:

Reading Lolita in Tehran
The Pillars of the Earth
Ellis Island Interviews

For $1.25!

I know Pillars of the Earth has been popular around here - any thoughts on the other two?

Re: Library Sale Loot

  • I picked up Reading Lolita in Tehran from my library book sale a few months back!  I haven't read it yet, because I heard that it contains spoilers for Lolita and a couple of other classics that I had planned on reading someday and didn't want spoiled for me.  So, just a heads up about that, I guess.  I've heard it was good, though!

    Pillars is one of my favorite books ever.

  • Ah, good to know about the spoilers. I'll have to look up what's spoiled before I read it.
  • I've read the first part of Reading Lolita in Tehran.  I was reading it online and really really liked it, so I decided to buy it and finish reading it in print format, since I'm less likely to skim in print.  Of course I've never gotten around to finishing it, but I loved what I read!
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  • I read parts of Reading Lolita for a Multicultural Lit class in college.  Unfortunately it was the worst professor ever so that part sucked.  And since we weren't assigned the entire book it was hard to get everything out of it.  I wish I had had enough time back then to read the whole thing.  I swore I was going to read it all through but right now it's packed for the move.  Eventually I'll get around to reading it I guess!  What I did read, I liked though!
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