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Highs & Lows

Some of the things in my life lately have made me think about posting something like this.  

What are some of the highs (or achievements)  of your relationship with your DH and what are some of the lows (or failures) you've had since you've been married?

~Married 7.10.09~
TTC #1 Since 3.9.10
Dx PCOS 8.30.10
3 failed IUI cycles Feb 11 to April 11, IVF #1 cycle start 6-18-12, ER 7-3-12 (10 retrieved, 8 attempted fertilization, 7 growing), ET 7-8-12 - 2-2ab transferred. Success! Due 3-26-13
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Re: Highs & Lows

  • My Highs - 

    We managed to raise a wonderful puppy who still can make us laugh and who will love us unconditionally.

    We've trudged through a hospital stint and are stronger because of it.

    We found out we could have issues with TTC - and instead of it stopping or stalling our efforts, it's only made them (and us) stronger.

    My Lows -

    I lost my job.  It's been very difficult on us, and the cause of much of my stress.  Now I finally have another, and it hasn't really changed a thing.

    You know what our weekly fight is about?  Cleaning.  He'll take one room and I'll take another and guess what happens?  He asks me where things should go from that room, so it takes me twice as long to clean one, because I'm actually cleaning two!

    And training Sirius.  He really wanted to pee wherever he wanted to.  It took a LONG time to finally get him to be where he is today, and there were times we both thought "Was this a mistake?" 

    ~Married 7.10.09~
    TTC #1 Since 3.9.10
    Dx PCOS 8.30.10
    3 failed IUI cycles Feb 11 to April 11, IVF #1 cycle start 6-18-12, ER 7-3-12 (10 retrieved, 8 attempted fertilization, 7 growing), ET 7-8-12 - 2-2ab transferred. Success! Due 3-26-13
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  • Highs

    -Adopting the cats
    -Buying the house


    -House hunting
  • Highs:

    -Raising our 2 dogs
    -Buying our first home together.
    -Running 2 households, getting ready to start our own business and making some major life decisions (moving to NE being one....) together.


    -Stress of living so very far away from family
    -Learning how to manage our time and not micromanage eachother-we are getting so much better at this!

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  • Wow, this really made me think!

    Highs: making it through our first year of marriage no worse for the wear (seriously...lol), adopting our shelter puppy Bella, having time to really be a couple and spend time with each other (we were in a long distance relationship the year before our marriage, and now we live @ least 4 hours from any family)

    Lows: being away from our families, adjusting to household chores, etc...still struggling with this one, me not finding a job for a year (we had really counted on me getting one for insurance and everything since he is in law school)

  • Highs:
    - Miss Maggie and seeing her grow
    - Buying our first dog together!
    - Moving in together
    - Building a future together

    - Stress of family situations
    - Getting his credit in a good spot
    - Dealing with my work schedule and stress. Making decisions about looking for a new job while weighing the pros and cons of my current job.

    My Precious Miss Maggie


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  • Highs

    *living together

    *learning more about each other

    *both of us graduating with our bachelors

    *M getting a raise

    *M getting accepted into his Master's program



    *Family drama... on both sides

    *MIL feet surgeries

    *Loads of extra stress


  • Highs:

    - finally living together after 3 years of LDR

    - traveling all over

    - DH graduating with his Master's


    - redecorating and renovating our house, we've never had as many fights as when we were working non-stop on getting the house into a liveable shape.

    - all the stress with the Navy and DH's orders

    - Me not having or finding a job, I'm incredibly bored all the time.

    T&Y Est. 7/4/2009

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  • highs:

    - adopting Finn
    - getting our first apartment together rather than renting from family
    - traveling and finding out we're great travel buddies for each other
    - becoming financially stable and sticking to a financial plan
    - paying off Steve's car and preparing to (this month!) pay off our credit cards


    - moving to Savannah and all that I/we gave up in the process
    - being so far from our friends
    - my job
    - having to put my education on hold
    - learning about and dealing with health issues
    - mimi's cancer and tumor removal surgery

  • Highs:

    - My new job and DH's promotion

    - Furnishing our apartment together

    - Spending some time cuddling together every night



    - DH not pulling his weight around the house (dishes, taking out the garbage, cleaning up after himself)

    - DH's friend living with us for 4 months

    - DH getting really intense into ps3 nhl

    ~ Liz ~ my read shelf:
    Liz H's book recommendations, liked quotes, book clubs, book trivia, book lists (read shelf)
  • Highs:

    -Living together

    -Making our house a home

    -Raising our puppy

    -Our first vacation together!

    -DH getting his amazing job!

    -Less money worries



    -When DH worked 2 jobs (never really saw each other)

    -Fights that started because of ^^

    -Work stress

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