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Did your ovarian cyst hurt?

Hello There,

I posted before about how I had pain near my left ovary and the doctor thought he didn't feel anything, well he did find a cyst during the ultrasound and said it is a hemorrhagic cyst, I have googled this and it seems common and says all of woman get cysts at some point. I am just nervous because I have had the pain since about May, so I am thinking the cyst developed around then. If your cyst hurt -was it on that side into your hips and legs? I swear my whole left side including shoulders just kind of aches today. The dr called last night and I didn't think of some of these questions until I got off the phone (of course) so I left him a message today to call me. The pain isn't terrible or anything, just wondering if this type of pain happened with you(Hips included?). He said we will watch it for a month and they normally resolve. He even said we could try to conceive this month if we wanted , we were thinking about a third dc. Another question if you had one is do you think it made you have other symptoms such as bloating, it seems impossible if it is small.. but I have been bloated for a while. Did yours end up resolving?  do you know how the doctors can tell what type of cyst it is? I googled this one and it says it is blood filled, but just wondering how they can distinguish between the types and if this is diagnosed from the ultrasound. Thanks for any insight you can give..

Re: Did your ovarian cyst hurt?

  • Mine resolved itself and I had no pain.
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  • I've had them. I've had one that burst.  Not a fun experience at all and it hurt mostly on one side.  At first they thought it was my appendix b/c it hurt in my lower stomach and lower back, but after an u/s showed it had been a cysts.  They said they knew it was a cyst from the fluid that showed up on the u/s.  Then I've had them just go away on their own, they hurt a little, but was fine after they'd go away.  Though I don't think I ever had one that lasted quite that long. 

    I don't know if I was bloated or not, I guess I never really paid attention at the time.  GL and I hope you feel better. 

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  • I've had them and the most recent one I had hurt really bad.  It only hurt in my lower abdomen near where the cyst was located though.  Also it hurt a lot worse around ovulation time.  I had it for around 2-3 months and it finally went away on it's own.  GL and I hope you feel better soon!
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  • My DH laughs at me when I say "My ovary hurts!" So yes, mine hurt.  I havent had any cysts since I was 19ish, my Dr. put me on BC and that resolved them, but I always get a pain on the day that Im ovulating and I know exactly what it is because of the pain from the cysts.  Mine never hurt down my leg or in my hip though. 
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  • I had a horrible experience with a rupturing cyst a few months ago and have had 3 in the past year and a half.  I was hunched over for about a week, it hurt to stand straight up, the pain was going down into my thigh and leg and made it hard to walk.  I ended up in the ER where they gave me a shot in the butt and in a few minutes I was high as a kite.  haha

    I was definelty bloated during this time.  I could feel my ovary when I walked and even when I used the restroom (sorry - TMI).

    Besides giving you pain pills (which if they haven't - you should ask for them. I woudln't have survived or slept that week without them!) there isn't really much they can do about it, especially if you are TTC, which we are as well.  My dr told me that it may prevent me from ovulating that cycle, but to keep trying as long as I was up for it (I was not). 

    I hope you are feeling better!

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  • This sounds normal. Mine have been excruciatingly painful, often with the pain radiating around that whole side of my body. They always go away after a month or two.
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