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I just called the hospital to check on my balance - because I've never gotten any kind of bill from them.

The charges would have been from January - April of this year. They have been turned in to insurance.. but are still being processed.

Talk about taking forever and a day! I still have no idea how much I owe them.

Re: Insurance

  • DH got his wisdom teeth out in March. And his insurance is STILL processing everything. I just hope they don't slap us with a huge bill around Xmas, but I get the feeling that's probably what will happen.
  • That is taking forever. My bill has already been processed, I have a payment plan set up with the hospital and I've made my 1st payment.
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  • damn, that is a long time.
  • I've not gotten a bill for anything since the first doctor appointment when I found out I was pregnant..

    they're just right on top of these things.

    The lady seemed really surprised that I called in to make sure they had our mailing address correct and wanted to know how much I owed them.. I'm guessing that doesn't happen very often.

  • that is odd.  Maybe you are on some sort of deferred payment plan.  I have no clue.


  • Geez, that is a long time! I hate feeling like there's a bill headed my way and it's going to be a surprise amount.
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  • imageboofly1224:
    Geez, that is a long time! I hate feeling like there's a bill headed my way and it's going to be a surprise amount.
    Exactly! I'd like to at least have an idea of how much it will be.. so I can know how much I'll need to set aside to pay it in a reasonable amount of time.

    Knowing that all together it was around $25k worth of stuff over the span of several months makes me squirm.

  • Eek! $25k would definitely being making me nervous. I hope they get their act together and get you some info soon!
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