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Pics from Amelia's Baptism




The shower/baptism party on Sat went really well.  We got some great pics of Amelia and my nephews.  We realized at about 7pm that night that we had forgotten all of our church clothes at home and it would have been a 4 hr round trip to get them.  We decided instead to try the small town Wal-Mart about 20 min away.  Note to self: next time just make the drive home. 

Sunday we were doing a dry run with the pastor in the front of the church when BIL and his wife walked in with estranged MIL.  No, she had not been invited and considering she had not been to church in about a decade, we are about 99% sure this was BIL and his wife's doing.  The service itself went fine but MIL pulled her usual drama.  It was upsetting because it put a cloud over an otherwise great morning but my family and FIL's family finally saw what we have been dealing with first hand and have backed off on pushing us to resolve things.

ETA: Sorry the pics are huge - I'm not sure what happened since I did all 3 the same way...


Re: Pics from Amelia's Baptism

  • What a sweet girl!  It looks like it was a lovely ceremony--I am so happy for you.  And it's such a shame that MIL was there to ruin it (though you could never tell from the pictures--in time I hope the bad memories fade and you are left with these), but at least now others know what's what.  I know, personally, I always feel better when that happens.
  • Aww, congratulations! So sweet, what great pictures.

    So sorry about your MIL, some people just suck. 

  • Great pictures, congratulations!

    Sorry about MIL showing up, that stinks, at least now people won't bug you any more to resolve things since they saw first hand her drama.


    Our journey to Baby #2
    3/17/11-BFP; 4/4/11-natural m/c-7w1d;

    9/16/11 BFP

  • Congrats - looks like it was a great day in spite of MIL.  Sorry she showed up and caused drama... hopefully you dont have to continue dealing with her.
  • Thanks!  We are trying to focus on the positive parts of the weekend and forget about her even being there.  It was really, really nice to see my family and BFF since we haven't seen them since June.  We are going home in a month and I cannot wait.  We just need a break from the IL's in general. 
  • Ditto everything PPs said -- hopefully you'll cherish all the wonderful memories of the day. And, it IS a good thing that everyone could witness MIL's batsh*t craziness first hand -- maybe it was a blessing in disguise?

  • Looks like a nice ceremony. I'm glad things went well even if evil MIL did try to ruin things.
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