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Getting to Ramstein

I am trying to figure out some plans to get to Ramstein using civilian air, just in case military air isn't available. Has anyone done this?

I don't know if there is public transportation from Frankfurt or if the base has a shuttle to any main airports. 

thanks in advance!!  

Re: Getting to Ramstein

  • I am confused. If you are PCSing to Ramstein. the AF will send you.; most likely on the Rotator out of BWI dierctly to RAM's AMC terminal. If you are just visiting, you canSpace A (if your sponsor is flying with) from BWI too. It is outof seasonright now, so it shouldn't be tioo bad. However, there is a shuttle from Frankfurt. I am not sure what the cost is per person. And I am on my phone, so I dont have my Ram #s handy. But just call the terminal. If your PCSing,welcome
  • Not PCSing :( I wish! I'm just going out to visit. DH works in the TMO here, so the guys are trying to help me out by getting me on the rotator to go see him on his leave. Hopefully it'll all work out. I just like having a back up plan! 
  • Ok, if your DH is deployed - you will be able to use Space A without him.  You will be a Cat IV or III, depending on how long your DH is deployed. Those two Cats get you above most of the other Space A travelers. 

    There are no assigned seats on the Rotator unless you are on orders, so the guys at TMO are not going to be able to do anything special for you.   

    To Space A, you will need a signed letter from your DH's Commander (I will give you a copy of the one I use when I Space A), and a fax or e-mail cover letter (again, I will give you the template). 

    You will need to fax/email a copy of the Command Letter to both BWI and Ramstein (return flight) about 60-45 days out.  The Command Letter will only give you 90 days open to fly.  Once you are on the Space A list, you have 60+ days to fly. 

    Priority for getting a seat goes Categories first (ie Cat III is higher than Cat IV), then by who got on the list first (not rank). 

    But as I said, if you call Ramsteins Terminal at 011-49-6371-46-4440
    You can get the phone number of the shuttle between Ram and Frankfurt. 

    Commander Letter Template (Must be on his letter head and signed)



    FROM:  52nd MXG


    SUBJECT:  Dependent Travel Authorization


    1. The following individuals are the command-sponsored dependent(s) of Ricky T. Owen 005-68-1530 assigned to the Your unit 52nd MXG:


    Doe, Jane A       SSN:                DOB: 

    US Passport#   Expires: 




    2.  Please direct any questions to the Commander?s Support Staff at DSN 452-4741.


  • Here is the E-mail / Fax coverletter template




    Leave Start Date:

    Leave End Date:

    Desired Destinations:


  • If you arrive in Frankfurt. It will cost about 90 euros to take a van. If you take the train, it is appox. about 45 euros, but you can get your ticket early, via,  Good luck!
  • Thank you so much ladies!! I really need to frequent this board more often :o
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