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A Europe question - Water bottles. - see poll post above

First off, 1 week until we drive to the coast.  Can you believe it, one week?  Of course you probably can, you're probably like hurry up and leave so we don't have to read about it every day... 

Anyway, so we would like to take water bottles with us...  Here's the options as I see it.  Sorry, no clicky poll as I can't make them.

1) Take the ones we have that the labels are coming off that look old and kind of horrible.

2) Just buy water over there.  Bonus.  I like frizzy water.

3) Buy a cheapo water bottle with a liquid in it and just refill it when we are over there. No worries about losing something expensive.

4) Buy a nice one here and assume we won't lose it.  Where would I buy it?

5) Buy a nice one over there.  It's a nice souvenir. But what do we drink from in the meantime.

6) ????


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Re: A Europe question - Water bottles. - see poll post above

  • My first instinct is to not take anything from home.  For me, bottled water is an indulgence, and what better time to indulge than when you are on vacation?

    And I like frizzy water too.

    If you really don't want to have to buy water when you are thirsty, I would go with option 3. 

  • Are you talking the expensive pull cap sport style water bottle? Or reusing something like an evian bottle?

    You wouldn't be able to bring either from home through customs if it has anything in it- and I wouldn't want to pack a full bottle of water in your luggage. Can you imagine it puncturing?!?! So to me it seems silly bringing empty plastic reused bottles,but a big sporty water bottle would make sense. The usual size is .5 liters for a "personal size" or you have to go for the 1.5-2 liter honkin size which is awkward to carry around. I haven't seen the sporty ones other than in sports stores and bike shops, and that could take you a few days to find one. Better safe to have yours with you.

    If you are doing the recycle-the-bought-at-the-grocery store bottles, then just buy water here. It's every where, all over the airports even so as soon as you set foot in London you can grab one and just reuse it until you have to get on the next plane.

    To warn you, they don't call them "spring vs mineral" in the non-English countries. It's either "with prickles or without prickles". How cute is that?!? Spa water comes in non, sparkling, and low sparkling. OOOoooo. Fancy.

  • image xnickerx:

    It's either "with prickles or without prickles". How cute is that?!?

    I need to work this into my vocab.

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