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I have realized....

I am not a morning person. We are having a meeting at our office today with about 30 people. I walked in and the some people were all here and they all wanted to talk to me. I went in my office until the last possible minute I had to come out for the meeting. I grabbed my phone (which is what I am posting from now) just so I could check my email and not have to talk to anyone. I need about 30 minutes to a hour before I am awake.  
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Re: I have realized....

  • LOL, have you seen this:

    (Mcdonalds coffee commercial where the guy tells everyone he passes "dont talk to me").

    It takes me a while to be awake-like I cant even function for a while in the am.  I dont care for the morning- Im a night owl! 

  • That stinks - I'm a morning person, so I can't relate, but my co-worker is not a morning person at all, so I know to wait awhile before bothering her sometimes. :) I can imagine that would be really frustrating!

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  • I'm not a morning person either. I like coming in at 7:30 though because I get here before a whole lot of people get here and it usually gives me 30-45 minutes by myself, no phones are ringing that early, etc.


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