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Discussion Time? Transgender Homecoming King (XP)

Re: Discussion Time? Transgender Homecoming King (XP)

  • I think she should have been kept in the running since she has so much support in the school and since she identifies herself as male.

    But it's hard to give my opinion because I can see both sides to this. The rules seem to clearly state that you must be a male in order to run for king.

    Like someone said on one of the other board, it's a stupid high school homecoming vote. Let the kids in the school decide who should win. I, too, am embarassed that this made the news.

  • Yeah, I agree with one of the GR girls,  Mira, I'm just going to XP her reply:

    "How do we determine what someone's gender is? 

     Their external sex organs?  So as soon as they have the operation they can be considered the opposite gender?

    Their DNA? What about boys with the xxy choromsomes? Or xyy?  If we determine by DNA what gender are they?

     And what about "intersexed"?  When they are born their genitals are difficult to distinguish between male or female. Sometimes the baby has an operation after the parents choose, to make him a girl or a boy. (commonly the child grows up and under goes another sex change, b/c the parents guessed wrong)

    Who are we to tell someone, what gender they are?  Wouldn't they know better then a random person? 

    If Oak identifies as a male, then what harm is that to anyone else?"

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  • Personally, I don't think she should be crowned king. I am agreeing with this quote from the GR board:

    "Well, *technically* Oakleigh is a female at this time. She has not had a sex change operation. Has she even started the hormone therapy? Or anything?

    I know I sound mean, but frankly, I don't like this transgender stuff. It's a little creepy to me. It's like the pregnant man stuff....I feel like we are blurring the lines between male and female. It's too weird for me that someone is saying "I'm a man", and yet their body obviously functions as a female if they can sustain a pregnancy. 

    In a nutshell, I stand by the school's decision."


  • Is this student otherwise treated fully as a male at school?  I can see where they most likely made the male=king, female=queen rule years ago in order to keep people from nominating and embarrasing students.  If this person lives as a male and accepts the nomination for king, then let him be king.  Is it really hurting you?

    There are many things that make people uncomfortable with in life.  I have a friend who is transgendered.  She has lived as a female for years and is well accepted by her peers.  She grew up feeling like she was in the wrong body.  Who are we to judge? 

    As far as the comment asking if he had started hormone therapy, I imagine there are rules and regulations as to age and/or parental consent for hormone therapy.  and as far as surgery goes.....the cost is quite high and takes years to save up for,

    Anyway.......let him be king!  Is it really going to hurt you if he is king?  What if your child some day says they feel they are gay/lesbian/transgendered?   Would you turn your back on your child, or just want them to be happy?

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