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What national boards do you frequent?

I usually just lurk & post on MM, Pets  and H & F ... but I just gave a good look at the board list and can I just say, I didn't realize there were SO MANY new boards?

 Like Entertainment for example.. when did that get there? lol

Re: What national boards do you frequent?

  • I'm a board whore: Entertainment, F&B, H&F, ML, MM, NBC, P&CE, Travel & a couple of the bump boards.
    <a href="">The Blog</a>

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  • I usually just lurk on H&F, D&R, f&B, and whats cooking
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  • I lurk/post on: Money Matters, Crafts, Buying A Home. I lurk on D&R, H&F, F&B, & Pets.
    Socializing foster puppies since 2009
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  • I mostly lurk on MM...but sometimes make my way over to WC and F&B.
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  • I lurk on ML. Lots of crazy entertainment going on over there.

    I also like to check out MM and H&F every so often. TIP if I'm REALLY bored.

  • I lurk on F&B.  No others.
  • I'm active on NBC and I lurk on F&B
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  • I am scared of national boards.  I am active on NBC but all the other ones intimidate me.
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