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What's the most you've paid for a cell phone

This is just a mini rant...

I'm currently w/ Verizon, using the android OS...and I hate my phone. I hate android.  My phone sucks!!!!!!!!!! Messes up words when texting, hangs up calls, misses calls b/c of not ringing (when there is service), takes like 5 minutes to dial someone.  grr.

I want the BB Bold 9650...but I think $500 is a little too much (I'm eligible for an upgrade till NEXT November...)

I think they are coming out w/ a new BB in October, and I'm hoping the price of the bold will go down.

Re: What's the most you've paid for a cell phone

  • I wouldn't pay $500. I'm not sure which particular phone you have but we have Verizon and my H has a Droid Incredible with none of the issues you're describing. It sounds like you may have gotten a lemon. I'd take it in to the store to be looked at. 
  • I paid $200 with renewal for my Cliq which is an android phone.  I have T-mobile but I had many, many more problems with my BB than I have had with my Cliq.  The hanging up/missing calls/taking forever to dial are all problems I had with Verizon service though.  Messing up words with texting I have not had an issues with either phone or carrier.

    What type of droid is it?  Is it one of the Motorolas?  I've heard this can make a difference too.

  • No way would I pay $500....thats insane!

    It's an HTC Eris.  It's the second "droid" phone that came out, and has since been discontinued.  Not so much a lemon - the phone just sucks! 


    I'll live.

  • I've never paid anything however work has paid over $500 when you add up the Samsung BlackJack that I used to have and the iphone that I currently have (which is almost 2 years old).  I have AT&T service and have had it for at least 6 years, maybe longer, I can't remember for sure when I started.  I always wait for the upgrade eligibility (although they used to let you extend your contract to get an upgrade which I did a couple of times but I think that was when I had 1 year contracts).  I'm cheap though, work pays for my monthly bills so I figure why spend anything on the phone.

    We did pay $120ish for DH's blackberry (its a curve - nothing special) last year around October but his work covers his bills but not the initial phone because they would prefer he be on their contract instead of reimbursed but they didnt want to pay the termination fees to end his contract.

    I hate my iphone - I think it drops calls all the time, the battery life is terrible and AT&T service sucks.  DH doesnt like his BB either - its slow to call and load anything and the internet sucks and it locks up frequently, but the phone is at least reliable.

  • I have spent over $400 on a blackberry before.  I am a cell phone FREAK.  In the past six years I have spent thousands total on new cell phones.  I always like having the newest best model of everything - somehow I was able to resist with the iphone and I still have the 3GS and never got the 4.

    My suggestion is, that your Android should not be doing that, I would call tech support and they can probably swap out the phone with a new one.  It sounds like it's defective.


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  • I don't know exactly what DH paid for my iPhone, but it was first generation without a plan, so I am sure it was expensive. I don't think I could have spent that much though!
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