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So not starting work tomorrow

I cant go back to work until work has special pages filled out from the doc. I dropped the paperwork off at the docs on Friday and was told that they should have them for me today, Monday. Usually it takes 7-10 business days to get the paperwork filled out. Mind you that I pay $30 everytime the doc has to fill out any type of forms for me. 

I call today and was told that no they arent filled out yet and that it takes 7-10 days. The doc is in on Wed so maybe they will be done then.

I call work and tell them what is happening. The manager isnt too happy but she has to have the paperwork before I can back to work. My paperwork has to evaluated to make sure I am able to do my job.

Also, Prudential called and asked when the doc said I could return to work. The date that I am able to return to work per the doctor is today, Monday.  So, my short term disability is based on when that doc says I can go back to work. But I cant go back to work until work has paperwork from the doc in 7-10 business days. Super Angry  I will have no STD payment this week because I can offically go back to work today, but work wont let me until I have more paperwork saying I can.

I am pissed! I just wanna go back to work. How many hoops do I have to jump through? I just feel like I am getting screwed and I dont like it!

image Sisterly Love

Re: So not starting work tomorrow

  • I'm sorry you are going through this. I hope it gets straightened out soon!
  • Thats bull!  Can't anyone else at your doctor's office fill out the forms?  That would make me SO angry!

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  • I would be very pissed! I agree, can't someone else fill out these papers? Knowing me, I would go in there and get loud with them until they got the lead out of their bums. it surely doesn't take over a week to get some papers filled out! Angry Now I'm getting mad right along with you just thinking about it.
  • The doc has to actually sign the papers. I totally understand. I guess I am more annoyed at work, because they expect me to be able to get paperwork filled out and turned in in just a few days. It is unrealistic. My manager never mentioned that I would need extra paperwork, I thought I just needed a note saying I can return to work and with what restrictions.

    image Sisterly Love
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