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I'm stressed out! We're having thirty people here Sunday and this house is nowhere near ready, nor do I know how I will do it in time. Mike's swamped with work so he isn't as able to help as much as usual.  I worry that people will judge the condition of my home and notice something dirty that I missed somehow.

I think I like the idea of entertaining more than actually doing it. Why can't I entertain with the ease of Pete Campbell's wife rather than Charlie Brown?

image Ready to rumble.

Re: :screams:

  • Holy crap, that is a lot of people.

    Do you also need to make food? Can your parents help out?

  • So a situAtion worth splurging for a cleaning service.
  • That's the trick, my parents are having a party the day before for their 40th anniversary. My party is for Owen's baptism. Plus OOT relatives coming in. Phew! My in-laws have volunteered their services so I'm going to take them up on it.

    Friday night I'm going to our local baby board GTG. Close to 50 of us are going, if someone wanted to wipe out our board in one fell swoop they could easily do so. ;-)

    image Ready to rumble.
  • Yes take the in law help!

    It sounds like this weekend is busy for you!

  • Take help from anyone!  We had close to 40 people at Ian's birthday party two weeks ago, and I was so stressed.  F had his two-hour long fantasy football draft the night before, which didn't help my stress level.
  • Take the inlaw help! My MIL has been at my house a few days a week since I got admitted getting stuff ready for the babies, organizing, hanging curtains, etc. Once you let go and let someone help, it's glorious!
    image image
  • Don't skip margaritas to clean the house Kristen! I want to meet you. If I grow some balls and actually go. I hate entertaining because you spend forever getting the house perfect and it just gets trashed worse than it was after the party. ick.

  • How many of the attendees at these parties are family members?  I'd be hard pressed to find 20 people to come to a kid's party around here, let alone 40-50.

  • Oh, they are all relatives save one lone friend. Most of my (small) family is coming in for my parents' anniversary so that ups our number. But Mike's extended fam is huge and local so they come en masse to every event. 
    image Ready to rumble.
  • I used to clean like mad before big events, but then I realized it was sort of a waste.  I am an OCD clean freak and notice everything.  Most people I know are totally blind to the trace of dust that irks me so.

    If I were you, I would do a quick clean to please those other clean freaks that may be in attendance.  By the time the first few people show up, the house will be a mess anyway.

    That is my advice.  Oh, and booze.  Drink booze before, during, and after the shindig.  Baptism, wahooooo! ::said in a "Spring Break!" sort of tone::

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