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I know that I am out of control but - Cricket anyone?

Does anyone actually use Cricket Wireless?

I do actually know that my hunt for cell phone service has become completely OOC, I just really want to NOT pay for more than I use at this point - but I would like to actually have features that I would use.

So anyone have experience with Cricket?

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Re: I know that I am out of control but - Cricket anyone?

  • We tried it for the On Campus Duty phone for a while - unmitigated DISASTER. Service was terrible in the buildings here, billing was awful, horrible, horrible experience.

    That said, my 70 year old Ludite/technology hating uncle has a phone from them and has been quite pleased... but he lives in Lakewood, rarely travels more than a few blocks from his house and uses it maybe once a week... only for outgoing calls and never for things like texting, etc.

  • I personally don't- but my old bosses hubby did.  Drove her nuts b/c it was always dropping calls.  That was a little over a year ago though when she mentioned it. 
  • My stepdad tried it this past year and lasted about 3 months. it was AWFUL. He could hear about every 3rd word you said.
  • Rare poster here, but I've used Cricket for around 6 months and have had perfect reception and never had a billing issue.  They really expanded their coverage in May so things have gotten a lot better. I've always been perfectly happy with it.
  • When I was a sales rep I used it for my company phone. Sucked donkeys. And I was billed incorrectly twice in 6 months.
  • Something to think about with Cricket.... You cannot keep your current phone number.  H looked into them a couple of years ago and decided against for this reason alone.

    This might have changed recently, however.

    [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG]

    Liz's Yarn
  • I was able to keep my current phone number so I think that has changed.
  • I've had Cricket for 7 years and would never use any other company after my experience with them.  Never had a problem with dropped calls. Have always had excellent customer service. The coverage plans have greatly expanded.  My bills have always been correct.  And there are no contracts.  I would recommend them to anyone in a heartbeat without thinking twice.
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