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What do you think I'm having?

We planned on being "Team Green," but with all the uncertainty now with H's job and potentially having to move (he has a standing offer in Sioux City), we decided we don't want any more surprises right now.  My u/s is Friday.

WDYT this baby is?

For reference, the first two pics are my belly at 18w with each of the boys and the last is me last week.

With Law:



With AJ:

 With #3:




Re: What do you think I'm having?

  • In the end, just remember... you still got your looks :)  You look great! 
  • What, what?!  I didn't know you guys might be moving! 

    I can't see pics right now, but I vote that it's a girl.

    Blythe, born 6/5/10, and Oscar the dog (not pictured), adopted 11/16/07
  • image sarahlindsay:

    What, what?!  I didn't know you guys might be moving! 

    I can't see pics right now, but I vote that it's a girl.

    We'd much rather stay here, but we're exploring all our options.  Mike's old company has a position for him in Sioux City, so that's a possibility if nothing else pans out.  Blah.

  • My vote is for a girl.  :)

    While I know Sioux City probably isn't what you want, I'm glad he has a standing offer.  That's got to be a little bit of weight off of your shoulders.  :)

    BabyFruit Ticker
  • Girl

    Sioux City isn't the worst place (I went to college there), but I would be like you and not excited about moving away from friends and family.

    Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • Based on the nub I'd say it's a Heidi Jr. That means I call dibs on all things cute and boy in your house. Score! :)

    I go back and forth though, your boys (all three of them, H included) adore you and you are such a great mom to Law and AJ that I could totally see you with three little boys. 

    All I know is that I can't wait to hear. 


  • I think it is another boy =)
    Tied the knot: 6.19.04 Mommy to 3 awesome kids: Maren 3/06, Tommy 12/07 amd Kolbe 8/09
  • I think its a boy. I'm always right. :)
  • NOOOOOO!  I don't want you to move to Sioux City!!!  (But I totally get it if you have least it's not that far.)

    Oh, and I voted boy.  Just because I love little boys.  ;)


  • Can you take a pic of you from the back?/ Thats how I do my guessing! ;->
    Married 5/14/07 Momma to two amazing boys 6/20/08 & 11/20/09
  • Yay for standing offers!

    Yay for ultrasounds!

    I voted look like you're carrying #3 higher than Law & AJ

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