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School days

Today is the start of a lot of schools in my area. Because of this the radio station I listen to had a question. What was your most embarrasing school moment?

What was yours?

Re: School days

  • I have two

    When I was in elementary school, probably 2nd grade, the toilet overflowed when I flushed. There were other girls in there, so they knew I was the one who did it (eventhough there was no reason for it to that I could see). I still fear flushing a toilet in public. Thankfully I changed schools by 3rd grade.

    My first day as a Freshman in high school I was walking down the hall and didn't realize that the doors to the gym opened out into the hallway. I found out fast. Hit right in the face by the door. To make it worse, it was my brother's best friend who opened the door. I still haven't lived that one down.

  • I guess I don't really have a personally embarrassing moment, but I have a pretty good collectively embarrassing moment.

    In high school, I was really involved in drama.  Our school would hold assemblies so the entire student body could see excerpts of the plays and/ or school musicals that we were opening the following weekend.

    This particular year, we built a thrust (an extension of the stage that allows for more audience interaction) for the production we were doing.  During the assembly, the entire ensemble cast of about 35 kids were on the thrust singing, and suddenly the entire thrust collapsed in front of the whole school.  We all had to scramble out of the orchestra pit and try to get ourselves back onto the stage (with no stairs out front) in order to keep singing.  Kids were laughing hysterically at us, it was pretty humiliating.


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  • When I was in seventh grade, I was in the hall when a fight broke out next to me.  I got punched and ended up with a black eye!

    That year, I was playing with my braces' wire with my thumbnail.  Long story short, the wire broke and my thumbnail got trapped between the two wire pieces.  I raised my hand to ask to go to the nurse and my teacher was like "Take your finger out of your mouth."  "mmffffnnurftt."  "Lauren!  I can't understand you!  Take your finger out of your mouth!"  


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