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Need some advice

Alright, so DHs best friend and business partner is getting married in Sonoma on 10/10/10.  Great day to get married for sure.  DH is in the wedding.  This is when not having family close by really sucks.

DH wants me to try and find a nanny for the weekend.  The primary concern is the little ones.  It is never an issue finding a friend for DD to spend the weekend with.  He of course wants to go on Friday and come back Monday.  I do not even know where to begin looking for someone.  The Monday is actually a holiday so daycare is closed.  We had originally thought whomever watched them could take them to daycare and then we would be back in time to pick them up.  When I realized this, I recommended we just bring all the kids with us.  The costs would be about the same and DD would be able to babysit during the wedding and rehearsal. 

DH is not thrilled with this idea.  I agree it would be much better to be in Sonoma sans kiddos, but I just do not know any other alternative.  Any thoughts?

Re: Need some advice

  • Could you fly a family member or friend in for that weekend?  That's what we do when my sitter goes on vacation.  I pay for my mom's flight and she takes care of my dd.  Much, much cheaper.
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  • Unfortunately we are very low on family members in general.  His parents have plans that weekend already.  That really is all we have to pull from.  DH is an only child and both of my parents are deceased.
  • Do you have any friends who might be willing to watch the kids for the weekend?  I think there are a few nesties on here (like maybe howleyshell) who had nannies that they recommend.

    Honestly, I agree with you.  It'd be better/more fun to have the weekend in Sonoma without kids, but if you don't already have someone that you know and the kids know, it'd be hard leaving them for 3 days.  Not to mention expensive!

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  • Okay, two things.  First, yeah, I'd probably just take them all with you.  No, not ideal, but better than worrying from afar about any other situation.

    Second, if your DH really forces the issue, is there a teacher at DC that the kids are familiar with who might like to make some weekend money?  Given DC is closed, not like that person would have work obligations.  I might start inquiring.  It would also be more comforting to you knowing you had an adult who was licensed and trained.

    Finally, YGPM for another possible solution.

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    DS -- 3YO

  • I'd check on the daycare teacher idea that Pesky had, and if not luck there, yeah, take 'em.  Otherwise you'll spend the whole weekend worrying anyway.
  • I have a friend who is/has been a nanny for a couple of years. She can definitely provide references and I'm sure she'd be willing to stay at your house with your kids that weekend. LMK if you want her contact info.
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