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B-day gifts: 2-yr & 4-yr-old girls

Hi all - I'm mostly a lurker, but got some great ideas for a 1-yr-old birthday gift last year from a thread. I need some help this year with gifts for my friend's 2 and 4-yr-old girls. I get them clothes and shoes all the time, so I'm thinking something they can play with would be more fun for them.



Re: B-day gifts: 2-yr & 4-yr-old girls

  • I got our 5 year old neice a Fancy Nancy sticker book for her last birthday this past spring and she LOVED it. 

    Or for either of them, what about sidewalk chalk, a bubble machine, crayons/markers/one of those tablets that have huge paper, books (have you ever seen those 3-d like pop-up books?  that could be fun for them), dress up clothes, or maybe a chest or box or something if they already have a lot of dress up clothes that they can put them in?

  • play clothes and crafts!!!!

    you can hit up good will and find tons of play clothes

    Married 5/14/07 Momma to two amazing boys 6/20/08 & 11/20/09

    Barbies, Princess dolls, play food, dress-up clothes, fancy nancy books. For the 4 year old, simple games like Hi-ho cheerio, candy land, Zingo, hungry gungry hippos, chutes and ladders are faves in our house,

    Tied the knot: 6.19.04 Mommy to 3 awesome kids: Maren 3/06, Tommy 12/07 amd Kolbe 8/09
  • Elsie is almost 3 years old, she loves dress up, like puts on a dress up dress as soon as we walk in the door from daycare.  Dress up could include a pair of tippy toes (play shoes), a pretty dress, necklaces, crowns, hats, boas, purses.

    She also loves books.  Her favorite right now is Ladybug Girl books.  We have dress up wings, tutu and antenna to match the Ladybug girl.  Or Dora, she really likes Dora books too (Target has some in their older kids section that are around $4/book, pair this with a cute pair of Dora pj's).


  • Thank you so much for all the ideas! It sounds like dress-up clothes are a must-do. I had totally forgotten how much my little sister loved her boas. Thanks ladies!

  • Anything Fancy Nancy or Pinkalicious!
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