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The mud run review!!

C&P's from my blog

It was very tough for my first run I think, the terrain was hard to run on, it was hilly and the obstacles made things harder but I did it. We ran for probably 1 mile and then went down a steep hill (we chose the decline route - which was labeled as the hardest) to where we then entered a creek. This water was chilly, and waist high. It wasnt too bad, I tried not to think about what I might be stepping on...ew! Then we made it to the other side where we climbed back up a steep hill, which by this time was a mudslide due to the previous (faster) runners bringing half the creek with them. It was a little tricky, but not too bad. The hard part came after - when we were now running with extra weight and slippery socks! Next we ran another mile to a fence - we climbed this and made our way to some tractor tires. We scaled those and moved right on the mud pit (hence the name of the run) which had bungy cords strung accross it which meant you were to crawl through the mud. So on our hands and knees we went laughing the whole way (I had to laugh or I would throw up!!) especially when I splashed the water, er mud, onto my face. Sick! Then after we made our way out of the mud we ran another mile to the finish line, trying the entire way not to roll an ankle. Luckily there was a guy reminding us not to roll an if we werent running on it. Yeah buddy, I can tell theres a chance for rolling an ankle...I can feel the chunks of concrete under my feet. Regardless, I had a successful run. I only had three goals for my first race. 1. Do not get last place 2. Do not get hurt, and number 3. Do not throw up. I accomplished all those goals, although number 3 lingered at the back of my throat for a good 3 hours after the race :)! Oh I almost forgot, one of me and Jaymies goals was the enjoy a cold Michelob Ultra after the race, I mean after all the race was sponsered by them. Much to our dismay, the two of us still look like 20 year olds because we were unable to get a beer without our ID's. If the car wasnt a mile away we would have gone back to the car. But after our wait in line for the fire hose, and the line to see the results...we were waited out (plus I just really wanted to sit down!!) All in all it was a good time, and great memories were made!

Re: The mud run review!!

  • Wait...was this at the Lancaster Event Center? If so, you should have walked over to Pavillion 3, I would have given you a few beers! :)
  • WHAT!!!!!!  Im soooo sad I didnt post this before the race!!  I would have loved to have met you!!  Plus scoring a few beers sans ID would have been awesome!!  PLUS, I still need to give you your car seat base back!!!  Dangit, next time your in Lincoln let me know!  Were you there for whatever was going on with the horses, or were you there for the mud run??
  • Yep we were there Saturday & Sunday...we were with the 100's of other horses there. I had no idea what was going on and one of my friends came into the arena and said "hey, I signed you up to run in the mud" I had no idea what she was talking about. She said "those running people over there are F'ing CRAZY, they are head to toe mud just running in that sh!t" :)


  • Yes, we were covered in mud - and in theory it was a good idea - but after thinking about the horse crap and cow dung afterwards I was a bit disgusted.  Luckily I just push that to the back of my mind, lol!!  It was a lot of fun though, I will do it again next year - only this time I will bring a friend to hold my ID...Im not missing out on the beer again :)!!
  • Sounds like TON of fun! And GOOD JOB on your first race!!!!

    Glad to know rolling an ankle was such a risk. I would have been insanely heartbroken if I'd participated and hurt myself (omaha half .. t minus three-ish weeks to go). I'll definitely consider it next year.

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