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Does anyone else...

.. have TERRIBLE hair days if they shower at night instead of in the morning?

It doesn't matter what I do in the morning (and I usually re-wet my hair, blow dry and start from scratch)... I always end up in a low ponytail if I washed my hair the night before instead of in the morning.  I can't get it to do ANYTHING. 

Of course, this ends up being almost every day lately since I go to the gym in the evenings.  Thus, I never feel cute at work because my hair is desperately pulled back.  Even the pony is ugly... flat, flips in weird directions.


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Re: Does anyone else...

  • This is why I always shower in the morning, even if I showered at night for some reason. Aside from the odd flatspots/sticking out craziness, my hair is so fine that overnight + workday = greasy looking mess by lunch.
  • If I shower at night, I have to flat iron my hair in the morning.  Usually I get compliments on things like "did you color your hair?!?"  And I'm like "No, it's just been slept on". :)

    My hair is frizzy if I shower and blow it out in the mornings (haven't found any product to put on it to help with it).  So I guess if I had to pick, slept on hair is better than fresh hair for me.

  • I'm with MrsB, my hair looks better slept on.  Plus, I'd rather sleep longer in the morning.  My hair is so brittle that blow drying and flat ironing will destroy it.  So, I take a shower at night so I dont have to blow it dry and then I just flat iron it in the morning.  It helps if I flat iron it in sections.  I will pin up the top half and do the underneath first, and then do the top half last (I dont have thick hair so I can do it in only 2 sections).
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  • I always have slept on hair.  I only wash my hair a few times a week as suggested by my stylist.  When I do wash it always at night so I don't have to blow dry it and I can reduce the amount of heat my hair gets.  But it does require me to flat iron it any day that I am leaving it down.  I also flat iron in sections like JessicaAlice does.
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  • I have the opposite problem. I need to sleep on my poofy freshly showered hair for a night so it can be fixed nice and pretty the next day.

    If I shower in the AM I have to blow dry and fix, takes too long and never looks as nice anyway.
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  • Yep, that's me!  And I have super short hair now, so I can't even resort to a ponytail.  I wind up re-washing over the tub if I've showered the night before.  My hair is super fine and thin and gets greasy and limp over night.

    At the end of my pregnancy and the first month or so after - I could get away without washing my hair for a day or washing at night.  I think it was due to all those crazy hormones.

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