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This afternoon when the mother got home we talked.  (Before the father got home).  Apparently the husband was adding hours without even discussing it with her (she is the one who pays my paycheck!).  She had no idea that he had asked me to come in early and was none to happy with him about it.  She's eliminated all of the extra hours.  

The husband has a gym in his garage that he works out in with buddies.  Well, today while no one was home one of the guys I've met before came over and said the husband had said it was ok for him and blah blah to work out this afternoon.  When he knocked on the door, I was wary to answer it because I wasn't expecting anyone.....  Well, the baby was sleeping when they got there but they woke him up with the weights and he wasn't able to fall back to sleep.  

So after discussing the pay/ hours issues, the husband still wasn't home, but I mentioned that his friends had come to workout and that's why the baby was tired.  She was very unhappy that the husband let people come over with no one there and said that no one should be there while i'm in the house because she doesn't want me to feel uncomfortable.  So I used that as my segue into his inappropriate comments.  She was appalled.  I said I'd rather her handle it than me.  But I informed her that if it happens again, I'm walking out.  End of story.  

She was very grateful that I chose to talk to her about everything before I made the decision to just walk away.  I'm glad I did too because I really like the kid and the mom.  Hopefully I wont have any more issues with the father, but she and I also discussed the option of me just picking the kid up and bringing home to my house.  So it seems everything has worked out! 

Re: Update

  • I bet it will be a fun conversation in their house! I'm glad it worked out for you and that you stood up for yourself.
  • I'm glad to hear that the conversation went well!
  • I have a feeling that there will be trouble in paradise on the homefront. I give you alot of credit in getting over the " uncomfort" of confrontation. That is not easy. I have been in your situation, of being a caretaker in a private home, I was a nanny in college, part time and it is not easy dealing with a marriage dynamic. I just can not believe what a jerk the husband is, in one making you feel uneasy in his home caring for his child, being stupid enough to make such inappropriate comments to a women or a person in general.

    It also sounds like his own wife does not like to stand up to him by not getting in the middle of the comments made. But that is not your problem.

    Good luck tomorrow!

  • I'm so glad that it went well for you, and I actually feel bad for the wife! Can you imagine hearing that your husband was making comments like that to the nanny?! I'd be furious if I were her. Anyway, I digress. Good luck with going back and having to see the husband :(
  • I'm so glad she was so understanding. I'd be worried that the husband would make some snide remark and confront you about "going to the boss." Still, it needed to be said and he needs to be put in his place.
  • I'm glad that it went well and she was empathetic to your concerns.  He seems a little immature and I feel sorry for her that she has to deal with an imbusul!  I can't believe the nerve of him to think it would be okay for his buddies to just come over...what if they tried something?!  And I can't believe he never discussed these things with her.  I would be extremely irritated but that's no longer your issue and hopefully he starts to behave himself.
  • Thanks guys.  I feel badly for his wife too.  She's just the best, and he's a little immature.  He won't say anything to me, and if he does--I'm out.  Which leaves them in a terrible situation.  And I told her that.  So he'd only be hurting himself if he tries anything with me.  I feel a lot better about going to work today than I did yesterday, that's for sure! :) 

  • I'm so glad that you were able to have that conversation with the wife.  If I were her, I would be PISSED! Hopefully it will lead to a better work situation for you, and if not, it's their loss! Good luck today!
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