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post wedding blues

Every now and then I get really emotional and sad that our wedding day is here and gone. Our wedding day was by far the best day of my entire life.

Does anyone else get this way? I mean I loved my entire engagement  leading up to our wedding...and now its done and over :(

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Re: post wedding blues

  • Not really. I think about how great the day was, and how glad I am it's over! haha It was really a great day, but the week was soo busy and full of activity leading up to the wedding!
  • Nope, I'm completely good with it.... I mean, the wedding was the absolute best day of my life, but now Adam and can just relax and be 100% stress-free without all the wedding drama to deal with.  I do sometimes wish we could do it over just because it was so much fun, but we have plenty more awesome days ahead of us.
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  • Nope not really. It was fun and all, but life goes on!
  • I know just how you feel!  I would like to be able to do the day over, it was so much fun!

  • Occasionally I think I would like to be able to relive that day because it was a great day, but aside from that I'm so glad it's over.  
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  • I'm more sad that our honeymoon is over.  Now THAT is something that I want to go back and relive over and over.  But we're already planning our next trip, so obviously have lots to look forward to :)
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  • I'm like the other girls, sometimes I wish I could re-live it because it was so much fun and definitely the best day of my life =]. We didn't live together before though so I don't want to go back to being engaged, I'm very happy where we are now!
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  • image jehawley:
    I'm more sad that our honeymoon is over.  Now THAT is something that I want to go back and relive over and over.  But we're already planning our next trip, so obviously have lots to look forward to :)

    Im so glad the actual wedding is over, there was so much drama with his mom towards the end, I couldn't do it again.

    The HM on the other hand! Yes I wish I could do it over and over!

  • You couldn't pay me to get married again! The wedding day itself was nice, but nothing leading up to it was at all pleasant.

    I like marriage so much better. Smile

  • Initially in the beginning, yes. Once I got my wedding pictures, at about 3 weeks, it helped a lot.

    I actually missed the planning process lol.

  • There are times, when I miss the wedding, but I don't miss the stress of the planning at all though! I love married life and would not want to go back to being engaged :)
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  • I don't get sad looking back at the wedding day.  We have some awesome memories and photos to remind us about it all the time! I do get a little sad that the honeymoon is over.  Loved that vacation!! :)
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  • I loved our wedding day and HM and am very much enjoying married life now...I don't have any sadness post-wedding - mainly relief that all the stress is behind me and that we enjoyed a happy May 22nd and an amazing HM and we had a great summer in general. And now we have a baby to look forward to preparing for and welcoming next Spring. :-) So life definately carries on - there will be more things to be happy about and celebrate as life continues - your wedding day is but one of them. :-)
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  • I have the post wedding blues, more from the planning and talking to my friends and family alot.  Now that it is done, some of the  fun times of getting together with everyone has died down.  I discussed this with my HH this weekend, and I think I miss some of the attention.   I don't miss the stressful stuff, but I think I know what you are going thru.    Hang in there.
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