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I am a bad person (PIP)

So, back at the beginning of the summer, a stray cat that our neighbor sorta "adopted" had a kitten. It has lived literally right outside our door all summer. He is adorable.

Well, fall is a-comin', and Baby is getting bigger. He likes to hang out under our parked cars, so I have to locate him before I climb in and start the engine-- he doesn't have the brains to run out from under the car when it fires up. 

The neighbor has been on us all summer to adopt the kitten, and we go back and forth and back and forth. We already have a cat (Gulliver), and we love him very much. He is such a snuggly, affectionate, funny little wimp. I fell in love with him four years ago when I first moved here and started my job-- I saw him in PetSmart and HAD to have him. He's perfect for us.

Kitten (Matt calls him Tic-Tac) is cute and all, but I just haven't fallen in love with him that way. He's more stand-offish (well, he's a stray!). I'm reluctant to bring him in because I think he'll beat up my adult cat, who is 3 times his size (I'm serious; Gulliver is a WIMP). I don't want my current sweetie to get sick if we bring in a little stray. I don't want to worry about a kitten chewing on all of our electric cords.

I am hard-hearted and terrible. Proof? I'm trying to say no to this:


Re: I am a bad person (PIP)

  • That picture is a riot.  He looks like he'd be a bully, with that one eye all staring you down and stuff.  Like he's thinking "Pfff, who says I'd even WANT you to adopt me?  (pleasepleasepleaseadoptme)." 
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  • nooo you aren't a terrible person. I can totally see where you are coming from.  I have one cat too and I love the relationship we have with him. My HH always wants to bring another one home and I'm always saying no. 

    Can you take the little guy to a local shelter or maybe one of your friends/family members want him?

  • You can't take in every animal that comes around. Don't feel bad!

    When I was living abroad my roommate took in a feral cat for about a day. First of all we didn't have cat food. She was trying to feed this thing oatmeal. Secondly when I say feral I mean, has never known a home. When I told her we couldn't keep it (for reason #1) this thing was a devil cat! Our window ledge was all of 1" wide and somehow this thing would manage to stand on it and try and get it. I love most cats, but this thing was crazy (as was my roommate).

  • Haha! HH is the driving force behind the dilemma. He kind of wants to adopt the kitty. I think this is because Gulliver is his first pet and he likes having a critter a lot more than he thought he would. I keep reminding him that a year from now we would have two grown-up orange cats, not one grown-up cat and one cute baby toddling around. 

    People were trying to get us to adopt some random kitten a few months ago, and he had no problem saying no then. He said that we were happier with one sissy, selfish cat. I think that he just has a hard time resisting this one multiple times every single day.

  • At the apartment we lived at before moving to our house, we had a "dumpster cat" who eventually had dumpster kittens.  Well, dumpster kittens found their way to our porch and I just melted.  They were jumping around playing and stuff.  I put out water for them since it was summer, but Adam didn't want me to put out any food, because they'd come back looking for it.  They would even stand on their hind paws and reach up to the back door window and try to play with my cats!!!  I was sad we couldn't take them in.  But then we'd have 4 cats and a dog.  Too much.  I wanted to bring them to the nearby vet, but couldn't catch them.

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  • No, your not a bad person. I agree with pps
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  • image jehawley:
    That picture is a riot.  He looks like he'd be a bully, with that one eye all staring you down and stuff.  Like he's thinking "Pfff, who says I'd even WANT you to adopt me?  (pleasepleasepleaseadoptme)." 

    Totally agree with this! LOL but if you don't want him then I would find a no kill situation for the little guy!

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