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We are getting certified as foster parents are are most likely going to get an infant.  I do not want to use disposable diapers and have looked into gdiapers and so far like what I see.  The ease of having a disposable for outings with the cloth for all the time is nice.

Has anyone used these?  Give me your reviews!

Side Note:  I've looked into other cloth diapering options but gdiapers seem like the more convenient choice since they are easily accessible at BRU when we need a different size.

Re: gdiapers???

  • You might also post this question over on the Diapering board.  You could also ask on the EFF board (both on The Bump) but the general consensus over there is they aren't worth the extra money among other things.  But there are people out there who use and like them!
  • I have no knowledge of anything diaper related, but I just wanted to say I think it's awesome you are going to be a foster parent!
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  • I've heard that they have a tendency to leak, therefore you would need another cover & they aren't made well, there are some cloth diaper companies that sell flushable inserts but check TheBump

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  • We've used them since DD was a newborn and love them dearly.

    We use both the inserts they sell and prefolds, and it's all been good.


    They have a learning curve, but once you get them down, they're fab.

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  • One of the families I babysat for uses them and love them. They are super easy to use and I have never had a problem with them leaking. They did keep regular pampers on hand too for occasional outings and for caretakers who were not comfortable with the diapers. Another thing you have to remember is that anyone taking care of the little one for you will need a tutorial on how to use them.
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  • definitely post this to the EFF on TB. The gdiapers actually use refill packs which are biodegradable paper and can be flushed down the toilet. I'm sure you can stuff cloth inserts in there, but my main point is that the refills aren't cloth. DEFINITELY more eco-friendly than disposables, but not the full transition to cloth. I wouldn't call it a cloth diaper (though the cover is cloth), but I recommend them to anyone looking for a hybrid diaper.
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