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camera: cross threaded filter

grrr. sadly i have not had a chance to use my D90 in months. i went to use it this weekend and needed the polarizer instead of the UV filter. except that when i tried to get the UV filter off i realized it had been cross threaded and cannot get it off :-( it is a really fine thread, so surely this has happened before? is there anything i can do? please tell me i have not ruined this lens!


even more frustrating is that i believe it was the camera store that put this filter on. long story, but i went in to exchange a loaner lens for mine that had been sent out for service. since i had a filter on the loaner they switched it back to my lens. but since this was months ago and i can't be sure, i guess i have screwed myself.   

Re: camera: cross threaded filter

  • You might try posting this on the Photography board on the Bump, they might have good advice for you!  I would probably take it to a repair shop, they might have tools that could loosen it without danger of twisting the lens barrel too much.  Good luck!
  • When this happened to me, I put the lens in the freezer for a few minutes (I forget how long) and the contraction was enough for me to get it off. 
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