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Sports heroes

Who is your favorite sports here and why?


I suck at getting pregnant
I really suck at staying pregnant

Re: Sports heroes

  • My hero is Jackie Robinson because he broke the color line in baseball and prompted the modern day Civil Rights movement. He was also a stand-up guy in general and was an activist on top of his role as baseball start.
    I suck at getting pregnant
    I really suck at staying pregnant
  • Bill Russell -- understood the concept of playing as a team, even though he had the best skills and could have achieved much higher personal stats. He also faced a lot of racism and prejudiced (first black coach, as I recall) with dignity and strength.

    Runners up - Babe Didrickson (girl could do everything!), Jackie Robinson and Lou Gehrig. All worthy contenders, but I had the most direct "exposure" to Russell as a kid, so he stands out the most.

  • Ed McCaffrey.  He was a great football player that truly did it for the love of the game.  He and his wife support many charities and kids camps.  And in person, he's a real person, with a solid head on his shoulders.

    [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG]<P><P>

    Bazinga! <P><P>
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  • Dan Marino!!

    I feel in love with him as a little girl and never looked back.  As I got older I noticed he did great things for the city of Miami as well as being the greatest QB ever!!!

  • I think my signature says it all. 

    Especially these days, Gehrig was a man that showed up, ready to do his job to the best of his ability every single day.  That kind of work ethic doesn't seem to exists anymore.  He didn't need the publicity or the press in his face at every turn--he was happy to let the "bigger" personalities on his team garner the majority of the fame and glory.  Gehrig just showed up and got the job done, was loyal to his family and his team and his fans and only really gave up because he literally was too sick to play anymore.  

    And I think that Gehrig would have been OK with Cal Ripken Jr breaking his streak--because although CRjr for some of the years of the streak was the "main" star of his Orioles team, I never got the impression that he was a premadonna or anything (maybe he was--I don't know, but the press never painted him to be that).  If anything, he emulated Gehrig--he did what he had to do to get the job done.


    I know that my DH would answer Lance Armstrong for everything that he's done in his lifetime for both the sport of cycling as well as everything that he's done for the cancer community, but I'll admit that I'm a sucker for the tragic/romantic end to Gehrig's story.  And I could totally see LA being a jackass IRL.  

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