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You guys were right

I asked a while back what I should do for my final practicum for school, which is starting in September. I was debating between doing my child protection practicum at the Ministry of Children and Family Development, which wasn't hiring at that time, or doing it with the delegated Aboriginal child protection organization, which was. You encouraged me to go MCFD because that's where I wanted to be.

I went today to meet my mentor with MCFD and we talked for an hour and a half. She showed me my office (!!!!! with a window and desk and computer and door and everything!), and talked repeatedly about when I get a job there. I am doing my schooling distance through UVic, and so I am doing my practicum out-of-season because they offer full-time summer courses, which I took, which means I am graduating early. The local university only does practicum once a year, in the spring. So I am the ONLY practicum student there, and I will have first crack at any jobs that come up between this fall and next summer, when the other class graduates. Basically I will have very little competition (unless experienced people from other cities apply) and she expects they will be hiring this winter.

Best part- everyone gets one day off every second week! My mentor takes every other Monday off. Score.

The REAL best part- if I get a job in November or December my husband can stop working away from home. If/when he gets laid off he can sit on EI and work the weeks he can hold (he got recalled home again so we still haven't made a decision re: moving/yardmaster. If I get a job there we won't have to do either. Hopefully he won't get laid off again for a while).

I can't believe I get my own office. Awesomesauce. I've never had a private office. Even when I was a Safety and Compliance Officer I had only a cubicle.

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Re: You guys were right

  • That's awesome the way everything seems to be falling into place Lisah!

    I hope you have a picture of Ethan all ready in a frame for your new desk! 

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  • I am so glad that it all worked out! And with an office...rad! I think this will likely be the very best option for you career-wise. There are so many avenues of work in your field, having done a practicum and having a position there may open your eyes to some areas of work you hadn't considered before. Yay you!
  • Thats fantastic news!


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  • That IS awesomesauce! :)

    Glad things are looking up in at least one area!

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