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Working out while sick?

I have non-debilitating mono.  I'm still going to work (although shorter hours) and doing most normal things, but I'm taking it a lot easier and I'm sleeping a lot more.  No fever, puking, nasty stuff like that, although I have no appetite.  I wasn't working out before, but I was just hitting that spot where I was over it and ready to hit the gym hard when I got mono.  Is there anything I can do that will help me tone up while I'm sick?  Just doing a lap or two on the stairs leaves me feeling a little drained, but I feel like doing bicep curls or yoga or something. 

Is there anything I can do to make me feel like I'm doing something that won't totally wear me out?  I'd love to try just walking, but it's HOT out there and the heat wears me out faster than anything.

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Re: Working out while sick?

  • There is a general rule that many women on this board follow. It is workout if your sickness is at your neck and above and rest if your sickness is below your neck. Although, I am not too familiar with mono at all, so I don't know how helpful this may be. Perhaps your doctor can give you some good advice here as to what you can and cannot do. Hope you feel better soon.
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  • You can so some at home weight workouts, situps, lunges, squats, jumping jacks, go up and down the stairs in your home etc. You are going to be tired and you are going to stay tired. If you work out in spurts, you will still be able to get a workout in, you will just have to stop and rest for a bit. Good luck.
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  • I think yoga or pilates might be a good option. I always do pilates when I want to do something but I'm too tired/sore to do a "real" workout. And I still get sore from the Pilates videos I do! Or try a 10 minute kickboxing video. It will get your heartrate up, but if you feel too bad, you can always stop after that.
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  • Mono is it's own special case. Have you been cleared for exercise by your doctor?
  • image Sadlebred:
    Mono is it's own special case. Have you been cleared for exercise by your doctor?

    I've only been to the clinic.  I see my doctor at the end of August.

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  • When I had mono a year ago, my doctor specifically said DO NOT workout/excercise, or lift anything over 10 lbs.  I had to take 6 weeks off of work because I tried to work through my illness in the begining (tax season) and by the end of April I was useless.  My spleen was swollen and I couldn't move with out hurting, I was also really exhausted.  I wouldn't even think about working out until your doctor clears you, you could burst your spleen. We had two floors at work and by the time I would got to the file room and get a clients file and then go back upstairs to my desk I was spent!

    Good luck, and feel better soon, but I definitely wouldn't work out!

  • I wouldn't work out unless cleared by your Doctor. My hubby was close to having some major organ problams..with mono... ask your Dr.
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