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We went to Babies R Us and registered tonight and can I just say I have no idea what the hell I am doing! I mean it has been so long since I have been around babies, that the stuff they have now is so beyond me. I don't know what to get, what we need or anything. Thankfully H is has a little more knowledge, but yeah things like bottles and such, I have no clue.

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Re: Registering....overwhelming!

  • Registering is overwhelming.  FWIW, even after two kids, bottles and stuff are a gamble.  My boys took different types of those and pacifiers.  One liked the swing, one hated it.  One would sleep in the Papasan, one screamed his head off in it, but would tolerate a bouncy chair.  Just register for the basics.  Most of the stuff is unnecessary anyway.
  • image mamarazzi:
    Just register for the basics.  Most of the stuff is unnecessary anyway.

    This, exactly. Babies R Us & stores like it will make you think you need a small house worth of stuff to raise a child. Not true. Good luck with registering!

  • Yeah. You really don't need much. Diapers, a safe place for them to sleep, lots of SIMPLE outfits (think onesies and pants) and a few books, and small toys they can hold on to. A few blankets too. Gift cards will be the best so when your kid is here you can try a few different things and see what your kid likes best.

    And register for a pump. If people see big ticket items I think they're likely to give gift cards. At least that's the way I am. Don't do a lot of crap. 

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  • exactly what the pp said. alot of it is crap you dont need - I should start a post on crap you dont need to buy your kid.

  • I agree! It is so overwhelming! But once I started learning about what you really need, it wasn't so hard.. I think my registry has like 30 things on it total.. and I only registered at walmart and target.. didn't bother with babies-r-us. And since we bought the big items ourself, all small stuff is on my registry.

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