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I am going to KILL my cat

My fat cat Gus will NOT leave my other cat alone. The last two days he has done nothing but chase her and attack her. She is old and I just don't know what to do. He seriously will not stop. I yell/scold him whatever and two seconds later he is right back at it. What can I do? I am seriously at my wits end with him.


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Re: I am going to KILL my cat

  • squirt bottle

    rattle a can of pennies

  • image smiles4ya:

    squirt bottle

    rattle a can of pennies

    I currently use a plastic bag and crinkle it at him, he hates that and will run from it, but then literally 2 seconds later he is right back at it.

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  • we use one of those desk cleaner air cans. just a quick burst of it and it sounds like a cat hissing. Buddha HATES it and stops whatever he is doing to run away.
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  • njh514njh514 member

    You might have to keep the aggressive cat in his own room for a while and reintroduce them as if one cat were brand new in a week and a half to two weeks. Google it and keep away from the scolding. I've read that that's not the best idea although sometimes you just want to lecture them...



    We had a VERY slow introduction period with Ginger and Daisy and while it was incredibly frustrating for a very long time it worked. It took TONS of work on my part but they were able to stand each other for the most part. Jack has no idea Ginger exists and Ginger has no idea Jack exists yet and it will be that way for a while. A bit of a pain but it's what is best for them both.


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