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when it rains it pours

We have been going through the process of refinancing.  We have been working with this loan officer since the middle of June.  We were supposed to sign the final paperwork this past Monday.  Two hours before we are to sign, he calls and says he messed up the numbers and we need to bring $5K to closing!  Um, this was supposed to be a streamline process with no out of pocket expense!  So, now we wait for him to figure out what he did or didn't do wrong and we're supposed to close in mid-August.  The thing that sucks is even if we have to come up with $5K, we are still far better off going with the refinance because of how much it drops our monthly payment.  So, we are still better off going through with it, so we can't really tell him to f*ck off at this point.

This morning we were supposed to have drywall installed.  My nephew's grandpa is the one installing, and we thought, supplying the drywall.  He came over last week to bid the basement and gave us a number that we thought included drywall.  He gets here this morning and asks where the drywall is.  So, add another $700 onto the bid, and now we have to go get 90 sheets of 10' drywall.  He speaks mostly Spanish, so there was a huge miscommunication, so not his fault, but still frustrating.  


Re: when it rains it pours

  • dimakedimake member
    That sucks :(  I was supposed to close on my refi this week too, but found out on Thursday that they didn't get the docs from the underwriters in time and now I have to wait until the end of August.
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