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Well crap

I get a call from Kids Club at 4pm to come pick Alissa up because she has chicken pox. Uh huh...she's been vaccinated for that. (I know that doesn't prevent her from getting it, but the dr said the chance is slim.) Anyway, I get there, she is happy as a clam. Ask her if she's itchy and she says no. I give her a closer look, and most of the red dots are flatish, and all fairly uniform, so I don't think it's chicken pox, but whatevs. So I tell KC that I'll let them know. It's on her face, arms, chest, neck, and butt. It spread throughout the day.

Call the dr, it's not chicken pox, they said she would have purple bumps and it would look like blisters. It's most likely roseola (she had a 103.8 fever on Wed) or heat rash, or even a combo of the 2.

But I so can't take her to swim lessons tomorrow. The nurse said she would be fine to go, but the other parents would be giving me the mad stink eye. She's probably right, I got stared down at Target.

Benz...what was it that your dd ended up having? Didn't she have something similar?

But Alissa said she really likes her new polka dot look.

photos by jennied photography

Alissa Jean


Re: Well crap

  • *Butting in* From working in child care for a very, very long time, it doesn't sound like chicken pox at all.  Chicken pox are almost liquid-filled looking, if that makes sense.  Roseola might be it, or else a weird virus has been going around our center, where they get a fever, then break out in a rash, and that's all, folks.  I'm surprised Kids Club "diagnosed" her.  They should've just said "Hey, your child has a rash, you might want to come check it out in case it's contagious" sort of thing.  If she's not itchy I wouldn't worry at all!
  • No kidding, right? I mean, I came and got her, it was almost time anyway. But I found that weird. I didn't think it was either. She's a little old for roseola, but she's never had it before. I called her dr immediately and the first questions was "Do they all look the same?" and when I said yes, she said "then it's not CP."

    I did call them back to tell them that they wouldn't have an outbreak of CP next week. (well not from us!)

    She isn't itchy at all. I got her some "free and clear" body wash, just in case it was some sort of irritation. Her dr wasn't concerned at all. In fact, they said that the fever earlier in the week was a pretty good sign that it was roseola. And that she was most likely contagious before the rash hit, not now. So I am just supposed to watch her, and unless she spikes a weird fever or turns puss-y, then it should clear. But it's sorta fun to get the stink eye in stores. And she think she is cool looking because she has polka dots like her Hannah Montana hat.

    photos by jennied photography

    Alissa Jean

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