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Shoes for the soon-walking

So C's getting ready to take those first un-assisted steps. Up to this point, our pedi told us not to have shoes on him plus his feet are so round that I didn't have much luck finding shoes that A) I could get on his feet because he fights it by arching and curling his toes under and B) actually fit comfortably enough that he would leave them on. 

With that being said, I know there are Robeez out there, but wanted to know your recommendations were based on your experience. 



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Re: Shoes for the soon-walking

  • Robeez and Pedipeds
  • We got most of Reese's first pairs of shoes at Striderite (144th & Center).  They fit her for the shoes, as she needed wider ones than I could find elsewhere.
  • I didn't like the looks of the robeez for boys (think some for girls are super cute). I love Pedipeds! C had about 5 pairs of the ones that are soft bottom & they were so easy to get on their feet. They now have a new style and I wish that they fit C, but he has big feet.

    We also did/do striderite because they come in W and EW.

  • DD has a pair of PediPeds and we just got her a pair of the Robeez. She as big rolly polly feet and both brands are  great. The Robeez are great because they slip right on and DD doesn't tug at them or try and get them off. 
  • Ditto Pedipeds. I lvoed them for Maren and Tom and plan on getting a pair or two for Kolbe soon.

    They worked well for Tommy's fat feet until they got bigger. For a long time he was wearing a 2EW and I could only buy at Striderite.

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  • njh514njh514 member

    We got Owen pedipeds at that stage. They are so flexible and soft. When we put him in a pair of etnies that his cousin got him (adorable!!) he didn't walk as well. They did NOT bed. I was super skeptical about it all but when I saw it first hand I decided to believe.

    When he gets a bit older and you want a more substantial shoe go to a striderite store and have someone fit him in a great pair of shoes. I had no clue Owen needed an extra wide shoe. It was because his feet were still pretty round on top. No clue. I was so glad he was fitted because those shoes fit him for 9 months! They were darn cute but after 9 months of abuse they were showing some serious wear. ::sigh:: I miss those cute brown shoes. 

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  • We also did Target's MiniStars followed by See Kai Run.

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