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How are you feeling?

Hope you have a great weekend.  Wink  I totally predicted a Sunday birthday for your babe...any help on your part would be great.  Ha.  Totally kidding. 

Are you still working?

Re: KerCo

  • KerCo, while I understand that communicating with this board may not be the TOP priority on your mind right now, I just wanted to let you know that if you have a baby tomorrow or Sunday, I won't have access to email, so you may want to email someone else the news to post here if necessary.  Smile
  • I'm hanging in there.  I've got a lot of pressure down there, and my joints are starting to hurt in every part of my body (even my fingers!), but I'm still doing OK. Not frustrated or anything, just going with it for now.

    I'm totally predicting Sunday too. :-)  Not sure why, but I am.  It has to be any time now though!  Man, back at 36-37 weeks, I never thought I was going to make it to my due date with how much cramping I was having.  I guess that didn't mean anything, but this baby is looow, so I'm guessing s/he wants to come out soon!

    Nope, I'm not working.  I stopped working a couple of weeks ago, then I'll have 16 weeks off after delivery.  I have a feeling it could be pretty hard for me to go back to work come November.  There will probably be tears, mostly mine.  Ha!

    LOL, Kasa.  Thanks for letting me know!  I'll find a way to notify you guys.  Don't worry!

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  • From experience, August 1st is a pretty great birthday to have.  Wink

    Good luck!  It has to be so exciting for you right now.  Treasure every moment!  I wish I could go back to a few days before T was born.  The anticipation was so much fun!  SO exciting. 

  • Man, I can't wait to see pics of the babeski! S/he is going to be so freaking cute. Good luck! And I hope everything worked out with the pipe and you're able to fully "relax" (as much as is pregnantly possible) until the baby comes!
  • All plumbing issues have been resolved.  Whew!  That could have been really, really bad if we hadn't found the leak when we did!  Today has been very relaxing.  :-)

    Thx for thinking of me, you guys.  I'll be sure to find a way to post something on here when the baby decides to grace us with an appearance!  

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  • Good luck, KerCo!  Hopefully everything goes smoothly and quickly. 

    I can't wait to find out if the babeski is a boy or girl! 

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