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Ugh!!! Missing hubby.....

I know I'm not on this board much, but I gotta have a small vent/whine/whatever... I knew it was coming and I'm really grateful that DH got called out for work. But 3 weeks after the wedding?!!! Granted, it's only been about 2 weeks since he's been gone...We have never spent more than 6 weeks apart while he's been out on a call, and total has only been 8 weeks since we got together 2 years ago, but it's never been so far away that I couldn't take a weekend trip to see him. I miss him soooooooooo much!!!! It just seems pretty lame that we gotta be apart for 4 - 7 months depending on how fast the work goes. Anyway, yes, I want some cheese with that whine, and thanks for the ear.

Re: Ugh!!! Missing hubby.....

  • That does stink esp right after the wedding. But I can definitely relate. My H is on a every 3rd wk on-call schedule which he gets called into work at all hours of the day & night. Sometimes working 16 hrs shifts.

    Right before we got engaged, he moved out of state and we were apart for 6 months. It was one of the hardest things in my life. Luckily we were able to see each other a few times in those 6 mos, but it was still so hard. 

    Hang in there girl! Rely on the support of your family and friends to make the time pass and take your mind off of it. I did a lot of reading and other things I enjoyed during the time he was gone. 

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  • I think that's definitely whine-worthy.  H had to go out of town to KY for about 4 months last fall, so I definitely get it.  It's no fun, and I imagine it's even worse when you're newlyweds.  Stay tough and think how awesome it's going to be when he comes home!  Hopefully you've got some family and friends around to keep you occupied while he's gone.  It's easier when you don't think about it so much.

    Good luck and hang in there!

  • You are allowed to whine.Thats no fun that when he has to be gone for work.  I know this is not the same situation, but my H is really busy working a fulltime job plus doing sidework helping people fix their computers and finishing his degree. He'll done in a week for school.  I'm at home all day trying to find a job before school starts in the fall, and when he comes home hes so tired he just wants to unwind. Just do things you enjoy to keep yourself busy and spend some time with friends and family. Good luck and I hope your H comes home soon!!
  • Thank you ladies for the kind words and for justifying my boo hoo... It does help to know that there really are others that have gone or are going through similar situations. I do have plenty of things to keep me busy...kids and animals (the household zoo) and work. It's mainly the nights that are a little difficult right now. Life is tough, times are hard, and we all get through it.But I sure can't wait til that man gets home!!!!! ;)
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