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General Practitioners/Family Doctor recs.

Hi ladies...

I'm in need of a new family dr. for dh and I.

If it makes a difference, we have United Healthcare.  We live in the Ralston area....but don't mind a drive for an awesome dr.!


Re: General Practitioners/Family Doctor recs.

  • Any of the PAs at Internal Med. Lakeside 758-5800 I love Becca Witt.
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  • I see Carol LaCroix at UNMC Family Med (over by Oakview) 778-5677

    I've been seeing Dr. LaCroix since moving here in '96. She's always been there for me, and even if I need to talk - and it takes more than the 15 minutes - she is still there for me. And even though she's like that, she's never running more than a few minutes late (and what doctor DOESN'T run late????).

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  • Our family Dr. is Reema Nasr at Creighton Medical Associates.  (132nd and Maple)

    She's actually a family practitioner, caring for ALL of us.  My DH was not hip on having a female Dr. but after meeting her, seeing her care for our family, he was won over.  There's been many times I've called the office freaking out with questions regarding my illness or for my DD and Dr. Nasr and her staff are truly amazing, every.single.time.  No matter what the question or how minor the issue, they treat us with the utmost respect. 

    I truly can not say enough about Dr. Nasr, she's awesome!

  • Dr. Benes (pronounced benesh).  She is wonderful!  She is very straight forward, I never feel embarrassed saying anything to her.  She is also very insurance savy/aware, which is great.  The longest I have waited for her is 15 min (very few times, usually 5 min)
  • I like Doctor Naegele (Rhymes with Bagel) at Papillion Family Medcine off of 72nd and Cornhusker. 
  • I LOVE Dr. Law and Dr. Kester at Lakeside.  Both are Family Med.  I can never decide which one I like better, because they're both so awesome, so I'll always call and say, "I need an appointment, either Law or Kester!" then I don't have to make the decision. :)


  • I just recently started seeing Dr Angela Law and really like her too. I was very impressed by her video bio on the Alegent website. For example, her experience with BF'ing mothers. I have only seen her once. She was also recommended by my OB along with one other in that practice. My endocrinologist had also recommended Dr Nasr. I decided to go the female route this time with my GP since by OB is male, just to switch it up a bit!
  • I've seen Dr Steven Zuber at Methodist for ever, and he's really nice, but I don't think he's family practice.

    I had an appt to see Dr Kester at Alegent, but had to reschedule, so haven't seen her yet...and I'm still debating on moving away from a Methodist Physician just because I like having all my records/history in the same place with my Midwifes and General Practitioner...but I guess I don't really have to keep seeing the midwife..I just like her so much!  :)

    Our older boys see Dr Nasr and they really like her.

  • Dh sees one of the guys at regency family practice. Huttiger I think is his name. Dh really likes him.
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