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On this site under 'mini books' click on the links under mini books for language...this is VERY similar to what we were given for Noah.

Basically the Speech Path brought all these little pictures to us, laminated individually and we had them on the fridge.  When Noah wanted something, he'd go get the picture of what he wanted, or if we weren't sure, we'd point to the picture and say the word and if he wanted it he'd nod.

When he was playing cars or eating something, we'd grab the picture of the item we was eating/playing with and show it to him so that he knew that picture as a 'Car' or an "apple" and we'd say the word to him.

When we wanted something we'd say 'Use Your Words" and we'd say the word..this is huge!!  Even if he started to get frustrated and throw a tantrum, we'd keep saying it.  "Use your words.  Do you want an apple?"  Then we'd show him the picture of the apple and if he nodded we'd say "Use your words.  "Apple".  or we'd say "Show Us" and we'd walk over to the fridge and he'd pick the cut out we wanted.

These pics are not the exact same, but very similar and they gave us like over 200 of them, but I'll try and find another link with better ones and maybe you can use them? Even cutting them out and taping them to the fridge would be fine.  They gave us pics for things like 'wrestle' because he liked to wrestle with DH..they could customize them for him.

You should as the lady that evaluated him if she has these..not sure of what the proper name for them is...I googled 'action pictures for speech"...MPS has the program to print them right in the Special Ed classrooms...

Re: mamarazzi...

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