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Sleep Issues

Brenden has not been a good sleeper from the start. He had severe reflux and slept in an upright sleeper for almost 3 months and then we finally transitioned him to his crib. He sleeps okay, he definitely goes down well, but he gets up often. Here's our night routine. Bath every other night, final bottle, rock for a little bit, then lay down in crib, play his aquarium music, he "talks" to himself, then falls asleep. He's asleep by 8:30pm at the latest and never cries when I put him down. At least once or twice at night, he wakes up. He does not take a binky typically, in fact he overall hates it, but when he wakes up, I go in, give him the binky and he's immediately back to sleep. Then same routine a few hours later. He's not actually ready to wake up and eat until about 6am. Last night he was up 3 times (combined with DD waking up once for some odd reason and we are dog sitting, so that dog woke me up twice = total of 6 wake ups in 7 hours). He sleeps in a t-shirt, diaper and sleep sack. I tried swaddling him, but he wakes up super sweaty. I have tried putting the binky in his mouth while he's sleeping, he doesn't suck it in, and eventually it falls out. I've tried giving him the binky while we're rocking, he wants nothing to do with it. What can I do to get this kid to sleep straight through? Like I said, sometimes he wakes up once, sometimes more. The only time he really slept straight through was when he was sick with a fever. :( Overall, minus the wake ups, he's getting 9.5-10 hours of sleep. He'll even go back to sleep after a 6am bottle for an hour or two until daycare. Yesterday he barely napped at daycare, so I thought he would have been more exhausted and slept longer. He's 4 months/20 weeks if that matters.

Re: Sleep Issues

  • What is his nap/feeding schedule or is it on demand? Is he still on reflux meds?
  • Does he like sleeping on his belly? After we stopped swaddling the only way Austin would sleep for longer than an hour was if he was on his belly. He still wakes up once, or sometimes twice, every.single.night wanting to eat. If I try to rock him back to sleep, or shhhh him/pat him, etc etc he FREAKS OUT until I feed him. It's after he's been asleep for at least 5 hours, so "they" say that if they are acting hungry after being asleep that long then they are probably actually hungry and to feed them, so I do. Sigh...Good luck. It's exhausting, I know.

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  • image fit2aTee:
    What is his nap/feeding schedule or is it on demand? Is he still on reflux meds?

    He's off the meds, but we are currently trying new formula (but these sleep issues have been occuring since well before that).  He eats every 3-4 hours, 5-6 ozs.  His nap schedule is on demand currently. 


    Amy- He has never had the opportunity to sleep on his stomach, but I doubt he'd like it because he hates tummy time.

  • We did CIO at 6 months, but I don't think I could do it at only 4 months. 

    DS1 was a great sleeper -- started STTN at 9w (once we got his reflux figured out and treated).  But at 4 months, all hell broke loose.  He woke up all.the.time.  He kept doing that, despite our best efforts, until we did CIO at 6 months.  I guess there's something called the "4 month wakeful period?"  (another one of those things no one tells you about until after you become a parent...)

    DS2 didn't STTN until he was 18 months old.  No lie.  And he still occasionally wakes up in the middle of the night.  We started CIO with him when he was around a year, but with all his issues, we just gave up.

    Is his crib mattress elevated?  Have you tried tummy sleeping?  If he likes his soother, what about getting one that's motion activated so it goes off automatically when he wakes in the middle of the night?  Does he sleep better the nights he gets a bath?  DS1 did better with having his routine the exact same every night and he loved the bath, so we did a short one every day.  Have you tried dream-feeding him before you go to bed?  (giving him a bottle while he's sleeping)  Sometimes "topping them off" a couple hours after they go down helps you get longer stretches/less wake-ups.

    Honestly, one or two wake-ups at 4 months sounds like a DREAM to me after a year and a half of multiple wake-ups, but I can see why it's frustrating.

  • I read some of that - forgive me.. 

    remember when H was a bear and wouldn't sleep around 19-20 weeks... someone said it was the wakeful week 19.  She is much better now... I was going BSC for 3 weeks or so there. 

    does he sleep in a swing well?

  • He's had 4 months of wakeful periods.  He's never slept well, so I can't blame it on that.  I got so spoiled with Kaylee- she STTN at 10 weeks and never looked back.  :( 

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