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My Birth Story

I wanted to get this all down before I forget.  Can't believe it's almost been 3 weeks already.  Slow down!

I'm too tired to re-insert all the pictures, so I'm just going to throw in a link to my blog and make you all read it there. Big Smile

A couple of Nest-related additions though:

  • Jeana- Totally agree about feeling your guts shift when you get up for the first time.  I thought of you as I was hurling my brains out.
  • I was originally going to have them at Lakeside, but once we thought A was so small, I didn't feel comfortable with their NICU.  Bergan was my next choice, but since they were having premie twins the next day, they didn't think they could handle two sets.  I ended up at Methodist Women's Hospital and LOVED it.  The facility is beautiful, the nurses are great, and the food is pretty yum.  We were there Friday-Monday, so it was pretty empty of patients.  Although the biggest plus was that each NICU room is private.  Not the case with all hospitals.  Most just have all the babies in one big area.  I would have hated that.
  • Thank you ladies for all your well wishes and excitement with this entire pregnancy journey.  Announcing things here has always been one of things I've looked forward to the most.  Good luck to all the other mamas-to-be!
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Re: My Birth Story

  • Congrats again!  Your boys are adorable :)
  • Congrats!  You look great, your fat jeans are my "never gonna happen" sized jeans.  You are one lucky gal!  :)
  • I loved Methodist too. Alissa had to be taken over to Children's for transient tachypnea of the newborn. The regular post-delivery rooms are private too, or at least, they were almost 6yrs ago. I loved the little room down at the end of the hall w/ all the goodies. I always roamed down there while waiting for my nightly meds.

    Love the pics of the boys! Glad everyone is home and doing well!  I wonder if everyone hurls...I had some massive attacks of it too. Blech! 

    photos by jennied photography

    Alissa Jean

  • I love Luke and Sam!  They are so precious!!  Can't wait to try to run after you with the Bob stroller so I can get my hands on those two precious babies!! :)
  • eek I can't wait to read this when I get home! congrats again they are adorable!
    Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you.
  • I am sooo happy for you!!! This is such a great story!
  • Awwwww!! Great story and adorable pictures!! :) I can't wait to meet them!!


  • image luvjon:
    Congrats!  You look great, your fat jeans are my "never gonna happen" sized jeans.  You are one lucky gal!  :)

    All of the above!  :)

  • image Haven1:
    • Jeana- Totally agree about feeling your guts shift when you get up for the first time.  I thought of you as I was hurling my brains out.


    Awwwww.  :(  I'd really hoped that since you were so active, it wouldn't happen to you.  I wasn't exactly the most go-getter pregnant person ever, so I had wondered if my non-in-shapeness had anything to do with it.  Guess not.  But you're a tough bird.  You made it.  I read your blog and like you said, you don't really get that time to have a "sissy recovery"...I was up shopping at Target for special diapers for Lily when she'd been discharged but Ava was still in the NICU and they allowed me to room in with Lily is a spare PICU room while keeping me under an admitted status. 

    Sooooooooo happy for you.  They are just awesome.

  • njh514njh514 member
    Awesome! So glad that it turned out to be a false alarm. I would've freaked pretty hardcore. They are so cute. Such delicate little guys. Keep the pictures coming. I love them and you look SO happy! :-)
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  • Congrats and what a great birth story!  Glad all is a-okay and they are the cutest.  Ditto the you all look so happy! 
  • What a great birth story!  So glad you all had a short NICU stay and that you're all home together now!
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  • What a whirlwind birth story. I had the exact same feeling on the operating table!

    Your little guys are so cute, definitely keep the pictures coming!!

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  • Love your story - you tell it well! Glad you are home with your sweet little guys.

    Also glad to hear you had a good experience at the new hospital.  Other than the dr. giving you somewhat of a false alarm that is.

  • Yeah!  Great story!  Boo about the puking afterwards. 
  • Great story!!! I always laugh at the Craftsman ;) 

    Beautiful boys, congrats again mama!


    **Crunchy Mama to three girlies and one little guy**

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  • Awww! 

    Sorry you had to have an uneccessary freak-out and nasty vomiting episodes, but thank goodness they're both healthy little dudes and are home already!  I can't WAIT to see them in person!

    Glad you're feeling good!

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