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Ideas for your first anniversary!

Hey ladies, I'm a new poster to this board, but have lurked for a while.

Has anyone gotten around to thinking about what to do for their anniversaries?  I tend to be an early planner, and am completely stumped on what to do. DH's birthday is the weekend before and he wants Cowboys tix. Also a BIG football game is the weekend after, and we'll be traveling.  I'm not sure how the cash situation is going to be, but I REALY don't want to just do dinner out, or any other "date night" things that are not really special for us.  I need ideas! 

Re: Ideas for your first anniversary!

  • Our marriage counselor told us to always make sure your anniversary is celebrated with a night away.  (sorta hokey advice but whatever! I'm taking it!)  Even if it had to be at a cheapish hotel, try to get away just the two of you.  DH and I will NOT be going back to our wedding night hotel because our anniversary is on a Saturday this year and the rooms are much too expensive for us to afford but we'll get back there sometime.  We may try to go camping if we can find a campground that still has the water on. 
  • I kind of already gave DH his anniversary present (... we went to see Conan O'Brien when he did his post-TV tour)... We'll probably do dinner, but I don't think traveling is in our future.
  • We're talking about going to a B & B a couple hours away from us. We went there last summer and it was really pretty, had a bunch of wineries around the area, and there was a jacuzzi in the suite  WinkWink

  • I'll be a month out from my due date, so I can't imagine us doing anything too crazy. Perhaps an overnight trip to somewhere would be nice, but neither of us have any vacation time to use since we saving it all for after the baby gets here.

    We'd originally planned to take a big trip for our 1st anniversary since we did a small mini-moon...but along came baby and put the stop to that! We only live a few hours from the beach, though, and since it is off season might be able to get a nice room somewhere for cheap so we can just relax.

  • I think we are going to go to the restaurant we had our rehearsal dinner at...even though I am pretty sure I will cry because I am a sap. And then we were thinking about maybe going back to the hotel we stayed at. I would love to stay in the same room and have a nice night together.
  • We are doing like pretty much everyone else said, a near-by weekend type thing. We haven't decided where yet, we have a few options but I know we are going place we can drive to (no more than a few hours) and we aren't going to be taking off of work at all (probably will go fri night then spend sat day and night and come back sun - our anniversary - in the evening). We aren't going crazy but we wanted to do something special and relaxing. My only request for whatever we end up doing is that his cell stays OFF the whole weekend. He is an assistant manager and the manager above him calls him all weekend long every weekend (even though the office is closed on the weekends) to "prep" for Monday. Yeah, not happening on my anniversary weekend.
  • I have no clue what we are doing as my due date is 13 days after our wedding anniversary. ?I guess it all depends on how I'm feeling. ?Heck, we could even have a kid by then... you just never know! ? Kinda scary.?
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  • Dinner at Ill Fornaio, the sister restaurant to Canaletto in Las Vegas, where we had dinner after the wedding. The joke right now is that since it's our 'paper' anniversary, I want the deed to the house we're trying to buy!
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    We are both sports fans and newly transplanted in the SF Bay area, so we have tickets to the UCLA (DH alma mater) vs. Cal football game that Saturday, and then we are taking off on Monday in order to go up to wine country (Napa & Sonoma are only about an hour away in traffic) to spend a night in a B&B. Can't wait!!!!!
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  • I love everyone's ideas for a night/weekend away.  I'm thinking that we may try to go away for a Fri night, all day Saturday, and 1/2 day Sunday somewhere close (w/in a 2-3 hour drive) and just relax.  B&B's sound nice or even a winery close by.  I can't believe how quickly the one year mark is approaching!
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  • I'm loving the w/e getaway ideas!  I've been pushing DH to spend a w/e in San Antonio, Dallas or Houston (all within 3 hrs of us).  Maybe I'll see if I can find a deal on a riverwalk hotel in SA or a B&B in the Houston/Galvaston area!
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