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Hubby and I got back from our trip to the lake this weekend to find that the local utility locating service had come out and spray painted up my front yard like they're going to come and dig in it (they mark off the sewer lines, gas lines, etc.).  I haven't gotten notification of any pending work by the utilities or from the city that they're doing work.  We had our road ripped up and re-done but that has been wrapped up for a while. 

I called the city this a.m. because I was about to spend money on landscaping supplies that would be ripped up if they dig again (my yard has been trenched open twice in the last year due to this road and utility work and I'm trying to put my yard back together again) but they have no active projects at my house.  I called the locating company to see who filed the request for my property and they have nothing on file.  Basically it is a big giant mystery who is going to be coming out to my house and what they're going to be doing.

If you were me - would you proceed with your landscaping because nobody seems to have plans at your house and perhaps it was a mistake that they even did the locating?  Or would you wait to see what happens? 


  • I would wait, but no longer than two weeks.  The fact that no one knows anything about it makes me extremely suspicious.  I would ask to see a permit when someone finally shows up.
  • I agree w/ Karen.  Wait, but just a few weeks.  I would hate to hear that you did all that beautiful work only to have it ripped back apart again.
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  • The mystery got more mysterious!  The city has nothing active, the Gas company has nothing active, and on the off chance it had to do with the street- I called them too and they don't have anything active.  Apparently - nobody has any plans for my yard and nobody is quite sure how we got our yard marked.  Odd - very odd.  I just wish that they wouldn't have put spray paint on my nice pretty mulch now though.  :)
  • You may want to contact the police department.  Not to fill out a report or anything... just to get more ideas on what city utility companies may be spray painting your lawn.
  • That is really odd, I wonder if they were just marking utilites just to mark them?  Hmm.  In any case, go ahead and do your landscaping. Just take  pictures of the completed work, so if a company does come in tear up the yard you can show them how it was and they can (have to) fix it. 
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