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QOTW June 13

I figured since no one else volunteered, I'd try to do the QOTW this week...

What are your hobbies? What do you do for fun? Anything unique, cheesy, interesting?

Re: QOTW June 13

  • I guess this is inspired by the fact that H and I are moving out of our hell hole town in 3 days, and will finally be able to go out and do things and I'll be able to keep up with my hobbies....

    Now we do a lot of homebody type things. We do puzzles, I scrapbook/make handmade cards, H plays multiple musical instruments.

    Once we move back to civilization, we will enjoy going out with friends to hear live music, I'll be able to get back into ceramics, and H will join a community band.

  • We tend to be homebodies, too - but I think in part because we both work long hours during the week.  I just got golf clubs, so we are working to make that one of our new hobbies.  We also are big Capitals hockey fans and go to all the games!  Beyond that the usual:  movies & TV and checking out new restaurants.
  • Good question!  We both play on a co-ed softball team so that's a fun couples hobbie.  He also plays on a men's only league - he is that "softball guy" who wears eyeblack and takes it way too seriously.  lol 

    We also are big Cleveland Indians fans, so we go up to games or meet up with friends to watch the games.  I read a lot, as in, I'm a regular at the library, so I can usually be found with my nose in a book and he plays all the fantasy sports (football, baseball, etc) with his guy friends.

    Other than that, we also like to go out to eat and rent movies.  In the winter I like to make necklaces and (if I get a new job) want to take up skiing again.

  • * hobbie = hobby.  Duh.  Stick out tongue
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