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FF Friday Confessions, anyone?

Here are mine:

I had to look at the calendar to see if it was Friday. I <3 summer!

My mother is crazy. CRAZY I tell you! DH has been remodeling the kitchen (yeah, I know...) and hasn't cut the grass. It's been driving her NUTS. She came to my house this morning and has been working in my yard because she's bored. She was whining because she didn't want to go shopping because she wouldn't find anything and she needed to do some manual labor. And I know she's itching to come clean the inside of my house, too, but I have to draw the line somewhere.

I am not helping her because I have a paper to write for grad school that's due tomorrow that I haven't even started on. I, who pride myself in not procrastinating, have gone and done it. But I got a not so good score on my last paper and I don't wanna do another one :*( Grad school is hard! 

Re: FF Friday Confessions, anyone?

  • I'm so over hearing about the oil spill 24/7.


    Before I had a kid, I used to judge others who let their babies sleep with them.  I swore I would never let my baby in our bed.  Yeah, my kid will only sleep in our bed.  I love her but it sucks.  My neck is killing me and I just want my bed back but I'm not willing to let her CIO.  Karma is such a b!tch.

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  • I'm abso-freaking-lutely exhausted!... This whole working 8 hours a day then teaching part time for 4 hours at night is tiring... Not sure how long this will last.. I'm pooooped....

     --But on to the flameful part.... I've come home every night this week and have had 2-3 beers.... and then just pass the hell out...

    Oh, AND SO and I adopted another weiner dog and have absolutely no intention of telling our landlord because we're scared she'll tell us that we have to get rid of it.... Hope she never finds out, but I seriously think we'll considering moving even though we absolutely love this house and the area that we live so damn much. 

  • I just thought of another one.

    When I first joined this board there was a post about a subject that everyone on here had the same view on.  I had an opposing view and actually thought some of the comments made were downright ignorant.  But I was too scared to say something b/c I was new and didn't want to get flamed.  Now I'm a little ashamed of myself for not standing up for what I believe in.

    And yet, I'm not willing to post what the subject was b/c I don't want to cause controversy and/or unnecessary drama.

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  • OHHH I have another one!.... So my twin sister apparently has been doing some stalking on facebook and found my lyingcheatingpieceofshitexhusband's new girlfriend and forwarded the link to me!... and Oh my goodness, she's a total beast!... I think Ogre would be a nice way of describing her..... Karma really is a biotch....Nice to know the grass IS greener on the other side... atleast for me anyway ;-)
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