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Jobbie jobs!

I now have 2 jobs, as opposed to zero! I just got hired today to work for Wells Fargo, which I accepted. However, I also will start working at a realty firm starting August 23rd. I had to do some major soul-searching, but decided that I really need the steady paycheck from the bank, even if I don't like the work and it's only for a few weeks. Then, I can be on to the job I REALLY want to be doing! Yay! I will also be finishing up my coursework and licensing in the meantime.

DH and I had a very frank conversation about it because my taking the RE job means we can't depend on steady income from me and will need to find an apartment, car, etc. that fits within a budget based on his salary alone. That way, whatever I am making will be extra and go directly into saving for a baby, house, etc! Lucky for me he makes almost 3 times as much as me or we'd be screwed. LOL! Such a relief to at least have a game plan and be able to see how our life here can start to happen.

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