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Did anyone ever feel like this?

Sometimes I feel like I will never be a true runner.  I feel like running even a 5k straight through is still so far away.  I can run for 20 minutes at a time, but then I have to walk and my running is not fast averaging about a 12:30 mile. 

If you have felt like this, how did you get past it?  I can run/walk for quite some distance, just not run it all.  I'm actually ok with just the run/walk thing, but I feel like I "should" be just running by this point.

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Re: Did anyone ever feel like this?

  • Honestly, some days I have it in me to do it - some days I dont.

    I haven't ran outside in 2 weeks as it has been so hot. I ran on the treadmill a 5k and I wanted to stop a few times but I just had to keep telling myself I can do it.

    IMO, if you can run for 20 minutes straight, you can finish a 5k... your mind might be telling you to stop but you have to deny it. Each time you run, add another minute or so to your time.

    I feel you have to be in the mood to do it - if you are tired or sore, you might not have it in you to push yourself that hard.


  • I feel like that. I am on my last week of C25K and ran for 30 minutes today at a 10 minute/mile pace and still don't feel like a runner; for me I think it's because I haven't been dedicated to running long enough. I have to keep reminding myself that running is a persistence sport. You don't have to be the best, or the fastest, you just have to get out there. The more you get out and run, the more you will start to feel like a runner.
  • Absolutely! I started running regularly about 2 years ago and it was tough because before I was NOT a runner. I was able to do anything else, I played sports, but I was just not a runner. It took me months to train for my first 5k to be able to run the whole thing.

    Stick with it if you want to, it will get better! It just may take you longer than some people. It did for me, but so what? Now I feel extra proud of my running b/c I was not naturally gifted with it!

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  • You just have to keep going.  Seriously, one day you'll go for a run and the magic will happen.  I thought that was impossible for me until about 3 weeks ago.
  • image am+a:
    You just have to keep going.  Seriously, one day you'll go for a run and the magic will happen.  I thought that was impossible for me until about 3 weeks ago.

    This is so true! I had built up some running/walking mileage after a while, but then one day out of nowhere I ran an entire 4 miles. I don't know how- but after that, things seemed to just snap. I am sure it was mostly mental- knowing I could do it after never thinking I could.

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  • I agree with previous posters - you just have to keep going and keep adding on to the end of your runs.  If you can run 20 minutes straight you can do a 5k! 
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  • Don't worry about your speed - I have run several races, am training for a marathon and still am that slow! If you can run for 20 minutes, you can run for 30. Running is 20% physical and 80% mental - you have to want it and be willing to run through pain, fatigue, weakness, boredom and lack of motivation. But it all pays off in the end when you reach new goals. Something that helps me when I want to quit is to think about how awesome I'll feel when I'm back at home and can say that I ran the whole distance and didn't give up. You can do it!
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