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Minor daycare vent

I have to send N's lunch to school with him, including a drink.  I have lost track of the number of reusable drink/juice bottles he has lost since starting there a year and a half ago.  Average life span is one week.  I am constantly picking him up and discovering that the bottle has been lost...again.  And every time I am told, Oh. He must have thrown it away on accident when he cleaned up.  Sorry.  I appreciate that they make the kids clean up after themselves and become independent and what not but since, at this point,  they have known for a while that N is prone to throwing away his bottles, would it really kill them to keep an eye on him when he's finished and make sure all his stuff makes it back to his cubbie? I don't really think three and a half years old is old enough to be the one the buck stops with just yet.

Re: Minor daycare vent

  • Maybe we can fashion a tether from the bottle to the lunch box so he can take it out, have his drink, and not throw it away / lose it?
  • That's ANNOYING.  I send lunch to school with the boys too, but I don't have to send a drink b/c they give them water if they don't have a drink.  That to me is so much easier than worrying about milk....some days (especially in summer), I send them with Nalgene water bottles, and thankfully they haven't lost them yet.

    (They make the kids clean up too, but yah, help a kid NOT throw away his reusable stuff!)

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  • Gah!  That would make me nuts!
  • Hmm
    I Need Coffee!!!


  • image lauraandlee:

     I don't have to send a drink b/c they give them water if they don't have a drink. 

    Yeah they'll do this and I've decided that I'm giving up because I can't keep buying new bottles.  I may as well just throw the cash in the trash can.  But it bugs me that I don't feel like I can send what I know he will like.  I did the juice box thing for a while... until N figured out where I kept them and learned to open them on his own.  That got just as expensive as throwing away bottles so we went back to kool-aid/lemonade/juice.

    His new school includes lunches & milk.  I can't wait!


  • Yeah, that doesn't seem right.  If he was 7, I'd say deal with it, but sorry, he's too little to be told to be that responsible.
  • That would piss me off. How hard would it be to say, "ok time to clean up. If you have any water bottles or stuff you shouldn't throw away, leave it on the table."

    When I pack lunches for my kids I just send a juice box, but I know that's not enough for them to drink. It sucks but I hate having to worry about reusable things being thrown away. 

  • That would really bug me. 
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