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DH in ER last night :-(

So DH travels a lot for business and right now he's literally on the other side of the country. He ended up in the ER last night with horrible pain in his face / jaw area that had gotten worse all day, after keeping him from sleeping the night before. Of course with the time difference, it was the middle of the night when I got the text - "In the ER, in an incredible amount of pain." Great. It took 2 hours for him to be seen and it turns out it's like a loose back molar - so a dental issue. The percocets they gave him aren't helping and he's calling local dentists out there this morning to see if he can get in anywhere for emergency treatment. Not sure if it's an abscess or what but it's obviously some kind of infection / nerve issue. I feel so bad for him since I'm here and he's there. The good news is that I am flying out there tomorrow - we had planned before any of this for me to fly out there (San Fran, CA) for the holiday weekend but now he might be recovering from a dental surgery! (Which - whatever - I just want to be out there with him so he's not suffering alone.)

I just feel so bad for him since he's in so much pain. And he's NOT the kind of guy who runs to the doctor or complains unless it's really bad, either. :-(

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Re: DH in ER last night :-(

  • Oh, my gosh! How awful for both of you! I'd be losing my mind in your shoes. I'm glad that you'll get to be there with him tomorrow. I'll pray that things go well and that he can find someone to take care of the issue quickly.
  • Ouch! I hope he feels better soon! I'm glad you get to fly out there and be with him. My HH had to have dental surgery about a month before the wedding, he was in pain for a day or two but the meds they gave him helped. I hope everything goes ok!
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  • Oh God, what a sin!  At least you get to go out there and be with him, I'm sure he'll feel a lot better just having you by his side!  Good luck :)
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  • Poor guy!!  Adam has had a lot of dental issues and they usually give him Lortabs for it.  Percocets do nothing for him either.  Hopefully, your H can get seen for some emergency treatment and they'll give him something that works a little bit better.  Get better soon, CTG's HH!!!!
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  • Oh no! That sucks! The only thing worse than being sick, is being sick and not at home. I hope he gets in to see a dentist today!

    I know this was suppose to be a minivacation for you guys, and now he'll have a hard time eating-- maybe you can order room service and get every kind of ice cream they have, or something! Make a night out of it... 

  • That is horrible! That is really good that you are going out there anyways. I travel a lot for work and even when I just have a cold or something it stinks being away from home. Hopefully they can get him all better quickly!
  • Thanks, girls. I aprpeciate the empathy and prayers for him! Poor guy. :-(

    I am so glad now I'll be there tomorrow. Granted, we'll be in hotels and not the comfort of our own home but we can get ice cream and soft foods...and good to know about the Lortabs. I'd not heard of those but I'll let him know to ask the dentist about those if the Percocets aren't doing anything. He did say having an ice cube in his mouth against the problematic tooth is the only thing that's helping at this point...

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  • oh my god, thats awful!!!! I feel so bad for him.  Good thing he was smart enough to go to the ER, some guys will tough it out, And tooth infections can be dangerous. I hope he can find a dentist to help him.  Hope he feels better soon.
  • Hugs! Glad you will be there soon! Poor Guy! Hope he gets into a dentist soon!
  • He managed to get an appmt for 12:30PST so 3 more hours and he'll get checked out by the dentist, at least.

    He can't eat or drink anything - hurts too much. :-( Ugh, ugh, ugh. I just wanna know what's wrong and he just wants them to fix it so the pain goes way. (Well, that makes two of us)

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